Born in London, home fashion retailer Buster + Punch stands out from the crowd by working with rare, solid metals to make extraordinary items for everyday use. From starting out in a garage in East London, Buster + Punch have grown from building custom motorbikes to a huge range of ​​innovative collections made up of unforgettable design details. Whether it’s the light bulb, the dimmer switch or exquisite furniture pieces, Buster + Punch take inspiration from London’s fashion, music and subculture scenes to provide unique pieces for the home.

With the help of our specialist SEO team, Buster + Punch were able to achieve their main objective of increasing the performance of organic acquisition channels through targeted content and technical SEO strategy.

The Main Objective

Buster + Punch were looking to increase the performance of their organic acquisition channels with aggressive growth targets in order to operate in a competitive market, occupied by both specialists and marketplaces. They required a comprehensive SEO campaign to build their brand presence and help to successfully navigate a change of platform.

The Solution

By focusing on several of Buster + Punch’s product lines, including lighting, furniture and hardware, we were able to influence the acquisition from mail headline terms such as ‘bulb, ‘switches’, ‘chandelier’ and ‘door handles’, which since then have all driven significant traffic over the last 12 months. Buster + Punch also required some technical work on the website to resolve conflicting search directives and international expansion to the US.

We then created a strong outreach strategy by teaming up with interior design and lifestyle magazines to provide commentary, quotes and style tips to articles within their content calendar.

The Results

Buster + Punch have seen extraordinary growth with both their UK and US websites despite strong competition in their target regions. By resolving directive issues and creating tailored pages for search terms, we were able to improve rankings and take searchers to more relevant pages within the site’s architecture, improving the chance of conversions.


Increase in visits YOY


Increase in Revenue YOY


Lower Bounce Rate