Ribble Cycles is a successful manufacturer of high-end, customisable bicycles, based in Lancashire.


Ribble came to AYKO with very specific ecommerce requirements for their new project.

They required a state of the art ecommerce platform that could be flexible enough to deal with complex requirements, but one that was future proof to updates in technology and business decisions relating to rapid growth.


Adobe Commerce (Magento 2) was identified as the perfect ecommerce backend to pair up with a headless Vue Storefront front end. They also needed an updated integration to their hugely successful ‘Bike Builder’ customisation tool - allowing users to choose different specifications and colour schemes. AYKO were the perfect partner to deliver such a complicated project in partnership with their in house development team.



Since the website went live, Ribble have seen the following improvements, when looking at year over year comparisons:



Increase In Conversion Rate


Increase in AOV


Reduction in Bounce Rate