TJ Hughes

TJ Hughes is a retail hub for discounted designer labels and premium goods.

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Liverpool, UK

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Shopify Plus Shopify Flow Launchpad

The Client

TJ Hughes serves as a Retail community, offering renowned designer brands and superior products at reduced prices. Over the past decade, TJ Hughes has continuously adapted to fulfil the demands of their customers through establishing a robust online presence and maintaining their presence in conventional brick-and-mortar department stores.

The Brief

TJ Hughes had been partnering with Visualsoft for a considerable period, investing money in upgrades, licenses, and enduring lengthy development processes.

The Solution

AYKO came across an innovative approach that not only simplified the maintenance of TJ Hughes' website but also enhanced its performance while saving significant amounts of money. By leveraging the inherent capabilities of Shopify Plus, TJ Hughes experienced an impressive 25.9% increase in revenue within just the first month of re-platforming. One of the key advantages of adopting Shopify Plus was the access to Shopify's integrated features like Shopify Flow and Launchpad, which allowed TJ Hughes to automate various tasks that previously required extensive human effort. This automation significantly reduced the time spent on manual labor. Moreover, TJ Hughes gained the ability to fully customise their website and implement changes without incurring additional costs associated with development time. By embracing this new approach, TJ Hughes not only achieved remarkable revenue growth but also harnessed the power of Shopify's complimentary tools, enabling them to streamline operations and maximise efficiency. This transition marked a turning point for TJ Hughes, empowering them to stay ahead in the competitive retail industry while reducing expenditure and improving overall performance.‍


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