Ladderstore and AYKO’s PPC team worked together on a strategy designed around machine learning and utilising the latest Google product features including Smart Shopping alongside a clear set of goals for revenue growth, to create a strong strategy in order to achieve this.

The Main Objective

Ladderstore were looking to increase their sales and revenue whilst achieving a minimum profitable return on investment of 10:1. They required a strong PPC campaign to help them boost their sales and in turn increase overall revenue.

The Solution

The AYKO PPC team created a new strategy for Ladderstore, implementing a full rebuild of the account utilising multiple channels across Google and Microsoft advertising including search, shopping and display campaigns to achieve the client’s objectives.

We focused on in-depth keyword research, Account structure and optimised bidding, separating traffic into B2B and B2C based campaigns to target both markets and optimise bidding to be as competitive as possible, at the right time, for the right customers.

Using data analysis to identify Ladderstore’s key product ranges, audience and conversion behaviour we optimised campaigns to achieve maximum conversions for high value and high margin products to help the client achieve their return on investment objectives.


Increased Revenue


Increased Return On Ad Spend


Increase in Total Conversions