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CPL Distribution's are the largest smokeless fuel merchant in the UK, delivering over one million solid fuel and firewood orders annually. CPL provide premium products and exceptional delivery services to over 2,500 commercial outlets

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Killamarsh, Sheffield, UK

Services We Provided

The Client

CPL are the leading coal and wood fuel provider in the UK. Their extensive product range includes smokeless coals, briquettes, and top-quality kiln-dried wood. Offering the flexibility of smaller orders and personalised delivery to their buyers’ chosen location on their property, the business excels in catering to its customer's heating needs. We manage three of their accounts—HouseFuel, Homefire, and Coals2U. Each site caters to unique preferences, ensuring a seamless and reliable experience for customers seeking high-quality heating solutions.

The Brief

Facing the objective of increasing revenue whilst preserving or increasing their target ROAS, CPL turned to us. After thorough account audits, we were equipped to strengthen their financial outcomes through a strategic blend of account optimisations and restructuring.

The Solutions

Having taken over the management of the accounts in May 2023, we have implemented a range of actions, which include, but are not limited to:

Restructuring Performance Max Campaigns:

We segmented campaigns by product type for targeted and more effective advertising, allowing us to tailor ad copy, landing pages and audiences to specific product categories.

Introducing Feed Management:

We have optimised the product feed to boost relevance and precision, increasing product visibility and enhancing user engagement. This involved ensuring each product has specific attributes—such as product type, category, and additional details—benefiting both backend and frontend developments.

Switching to A Third-Party CSS To Reduce CPCs:

We have reduced the client’s CPCs by leveraging a third-party Comparison Shopping Service, ensuring cost-efficient ad placement and wider product visibility.

Moving to DDA Attribution:

We have switched all accounts to Data-Driven Attribution to provide a more accurate representation of the customer journey and allocate credit appropriately across touchpoints. This has enabled us to make informed decisions, allocate budgets strategically, and maximise the impact of our campaigns with precision.

Enhanced Conversion Tracking:

Enhanced Conversions tracking was set up across all of the accounts to provide us with an accurate understanding of user interactions, allowing for improved tracking, insightful performance analysis, and ultimately enabling more informed optimisation strategies for better campaign results.

Implementing A New Customer Strategy:

A new customer strategy was implemented to enhance targeting precision, allowing each account to strategically allocate resources, tailor ad content to attract new audiences and drive increased acquisition of valuable new customers.

Reviewed Cross-Bidding Strategy:

We have reviewed cross-bidding strategies across each account to achieve a more integrated and harmonised advertising approach. This involved a thorough assessment of cross-bidding keywords in each account to prevent increased CPCs and optimise ad spend efficiency.

Reviewed First-Party Data Strategy:

We optimised the use of customer match and first-party data, ensuring personalised targeting and maximising the potential of existing customer relationships.

Switched to Conversion Value-Based Automated Bidding:

We have adopted an automated, value-based bidding strategy based, allowing for more dynamic and efficient bid management.

Implemented Future-Proofed Tagging Strategy:

We have implemented website and GA4 tagging for a future-proofed and comprehensive tagging strategy, ensuring accurate data collection and analysis across all 3 accounts.


Increase in Revenue YoY - Homefire


Increase in Revenue YoY - Housefuel


Increase in Revenue YoY - Coals2U

The Results

Through a holistic approach encompassing campaign restructuring, advanced attribution models, enhanced tracking, and strategic partnerships, we successfully escalated our client's Google Ads performance. The increase in revenue by up to 318% YoY is a testament to the transformative impact of a well-executed and strategically aligned advertising strategy.

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