Slim’s Detailing

Slim’s Detailing has been born out of a business idea first started in the early 1950’s. Slim’s interest in cars began as a Salesman for Harold Radford Coachbuilders in the early 1950’s and he attended Earls Court Motor Show alongside the Bentley Countryman.

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Enfield, UK

Services We Provided
Conversion Rate Optimisation

The Client

Slim's Detailing, where "it's all about the details" Supply quality detailing & valeting products from over 40 brands. Slim’s Detailing is an eCommerce arm of Morelli with a passion for selling high-end car cleaning products which are sourced from some of the world's best-known manufacturers of car cleaning excellence.

The Brief

Our CRO testing was primarily focused on how we could provide the most optimised journey to the user. We conducted a range of tests that included stylistic, aesthetic and technical changes which gave us an affluence of important data and suggested developments for the site.

Test 1

We wanted to understand if by adding an addition of a ‘View Product’ on standard PLP pages encourage users to click into it and go to the PDP page. We found by adding a view product button, there was an increase of 0.89% conversion tested over one week, split against the original, it had 126 conversions put against 0 on the original.

Test 2

Reordering some of the elements on the PDP, we decided to test moving recommended products hoping to generate more ‘PDP Add to Cart’ clicks - With a calculated conversion rate of 16.86%, variant 2 had a 0.74% higher conversion rate than the Original and stronger calculated revenue per session over the Original.

Test 3

We decided to test a number of different variations regarding the display of prices on Product Display Pages. We found that including increasing the font slightly and changing the colour of the font to black for this test with one being ‘Add to Basket Clicks’. Variant 2 had the highest Calculated Conversion Rate of 14.17% which was 2.03% higher than the Original Variant.


Increase In Revenue


Increase In AOV

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