Cleanology is a commercial cleaning company that offers specialist cleaning services to companies all across the UK.

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The Client

Cleanology is a commercial cleaning company that offers specialist cleaning services to companies all across the UK. Cleanology has been an expert in commercial cleaning for over 20 years, providing professional commercial cleaning services, property maintenance and support services to companies across the UK. Their clients include blue-chip corporations, royal palaces and some of the world’s most famous brands.

The Brief

Cleanology has been a valued client at AYKO for over a year, collaborating with us on comprehensive strategies encompassing SEO, Paid Media, and PR. A core goal for Cleanology is to raise brand awareness and build valuable backlinks from sites with a high Domain Authority (DA) score to help improve organic rankings.

In response to this goal, the client expressed a desire to extend their outreach to a diverse range of media outlets, including national, consumer, and regional press. Additionally, they aimed to engage with trade-specific publications within sectors closely aligned with Cleanology, such as cleaning, hygiene, maintenance, and facilities management.

In light of the recent global pandemic, Cleanology sought to spotlight the significance of handwashing, the objective is not only to enhance brand visibility but also to contribute to public awareness of crucial health and hygiene practices.

The Solution

Following an extensive brainstorming session held with the marketing team, the PR team undertook the task of evaluating and selecting ideas that would be most effective in conveying the targeted message of enhancing brand visibility while simultaneously contributing to public awareness of critical health and hygiene practices.

The focal point of the research-based press release became 'British Office Workers' Shocking Hygiene Habits.' The team identified that for this press release to branch out and reach the audiences we would like, it needed some supporting (and shocking) stats to go alongside. To achieve this, we collaborated with a reputable third-party research partner, who conducted anonymous research on our behalf. British office workers across the UK were surveyed about their hand-washing habits, responding to carefully crafted questions designed to yield the necessary statistics for supporting the release.

The Results

Following the creation of the research-based press release and accompanying infographic, we strategically presented these assets to pivotal national, consumer, and trade-focused publications. Results after pitching the press release started coming in minutes after pitching.

The press release gained significant attention, securing prominent placement in a total of 10 media outlets with links linking back to the office cleaning landing page:

Particularly noteworthy was the achievement of our goal to feature in three key publications specialising in cleaning and hygiene - an objective aligned with Cleanology's strategic priorities. This success not only elevated brand visibility across diverse platforms but also reinforced Cleanology's authoritative presence within its niche sectors.

The other 7 links were secured in regional publications which are owned by Reach plc. Britain's largest newspaper, magazine and digital publisher, with a print and online portfolio reaching 38.6m people every month.

Our Recommendations

When formulating your next Digital PR strategy, it is pivotal to address the 'who,' 'what,' and 'why' aspects.

Firstly, pinpoint your target audience. For instance, in the case of Cleanology, the focus is on reaching industry professionals in the cleaning and maintenance sector, business owners seeking corporate cleaning services for lead generation, and the general consumer base to heighten awareness regarding cleaning and hygiene practices..

Next, articulate the message you intend to push. Cleanology, for instance, aimed to heighten awareness of personal hand hygiene habits and underscore the importance of cleaning and sanitization in office spaces. Your specific message may differ—whether it's introducing a new product, promoting a service, or emphasising a brand message. We recommend you work with your PR expert to determine the most effective way to communicate your distinct message.

Lastly, define the 'why' behind your message, product, or service promotion. This could involve boosting brand visibility, establishing expertise in a particular domain, or creating connections with like-minded businesses. If, for instance, your goal is to elevate brand awareness and secure valuable backlinks from high Domain Authority (DA) sites to enhance organic rankings, Digital PR becomes instrumental.

Recognize that, despite SEO optimization, achieving a prominent position on Google's first page is challenging without sufficient backlinks. Employing strategic media relations strategies can help secure backlinks from reputable sources, facilitating improved online visibility.

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