Traidcraft came to AYKO seeking the help of our creative team to help meet their goal of enhancing overall site usability and functionality as well as improving bounce rates and page values of category pages.

Continue reading to find out how our team of specialists devised a thorough strategy to help Traidcraft meet their objectives.

About Traidcraft

Traidcraft is the original fair trade pioneer in the UK, and for over four decades, has led the way in proving that fair trade can work commercially. Traidcraft pioneered the first fair trade chocolate, coffee, tea, fruit juice, wine and much more. Almost everything we identify as fair trade today began with Traidcraft.

Traidcraft buy and sell fair trade. As one of the leading, dedicated fair trade companies in the world, they stock a huge range of ethical and fair trade products. Whilst pioneering the future of fair trade, Traidcraft focus on three key themes that are at the heart of every decision, these include Trade Justice, Social Justice and Environmental Justice.

The Main Objective

After a long period of focusing on development improvements and upgrades within the Magento 2 platform, Traidcraft wanted to look at the different enhancements that could be implemented in order to improve the overall site usability. In addition to this, they also wanted to look at how these improvements could increase eCommerce conversion rates sitewide.

The Solution

By taking a deep dive into Traidcraft’s Google Analytics data, we were able to produce an analytical report from the results which helped highlight areas of concern across the website. This report highlighted potential improvements that could be made and enabled us to provide hypothesised results for the client.
We then went on to produce an A/B testing roadmap for specific areas of focus on the website and by following this testing plan, solutions were then either permanently implemented on-site or put forward for iteration and further consideration.

As an additional action, we identified some potential quick wins that were based on usability best practices, as well as previous eCommerce experience. Where appropriate, these were similarly tested via an A/B experimentation strategy.

The Results

Traidcraft has seen great results off the back of the enhancements made to the website. By identifying the key issues and looking for improvements across the whole site, we have been able to help Traidcraft achieve the following results:

• Bounce Rate of PLP’s (category pages) improved by up to 25%
• Page Value of PLP’s improved by up to 30%
• 11.9% increase in conversion rates (for sessions using site search) following improved search bar deployment (2021 v 2020)

Our data also shows the following modelled results, based on the outcomes of A/B experiments. These figures were calculated as extrapolations over the stated period, had the improved solutions been in place for that time.

+12, 858 add to bag events for 1st half 2021
+£16,781 revenue (Jan-Sept 2021)

“Having helped us develop a solid e-commerce Magento offering, we spoke with AYKO about how to move forwards with CRO and UX enhancements. We were impressed with AYKO’s “iterate and learn” model, which has allowed us to make small improvements to the site usability over a period of time, whilst being able to pivot quickly based on data-led evidence.

As a result, we are beginning to see improvements in the data, and we look forward to continuing this relationship as we further enhance our e-commerce offering in 2022 and beyond.” - Jo Lambert