No ROAS no fee

Three simple steps > We audit your campaign > We run the account for three months > if you dont achieve a higher ROAS we refund our entire fee!

We’re confident in our ability and we’re willing to have some skin in the game, a calculated risk on our part and no reward no risk for you.

Fill out the form and our CEO will be in contact within 3 days to get the first step organised.

Please see the T&C’s below for the ROAS offer.

Terms and Conditions (“Terms”)

Our Terms and Conditions were last updated on 11/07/22
We may decide not to offer the campaign post audit (the audit will be performed at AYKO’s cost) a scenario where this may happen is with heavily seasons retailer.
ROAS will be measured on current prices, if pricing of the products increases this will have a material effect on the campaign and the management fee will stand.
ROAS will be measured based on correct and accurate tracking - any issues or broken tags will result in the management fee being charged.
Spend levels need to remain consistent from the previous 3 months, a percentage of spend RE variation can be agreed before contracts are exchanged.
Once the 3 month trial is finished, assuming AYKO we succeed in increasing your ROAS a 12 month PPC contract will be assumed.