Shopify provides a very convenient eCommerce platform allowing businesses to easily get set up online and selling quickly. Whilst the plans can be quite cheap allowing businesses to select tiers based on their business needs, sometimes they don’t cover everything required to operate your store as you need to.

Shopify Plus caters to businesses operating at enterprise scale and is available for $2000 a month, but offers some very powerful tools and facilities to help ensure your store runs as smoothly as possible. Below are some other features which come as part of Shopify Plus and the benefits they give to businesses.

Shopify Launchpad

Shopify Launchpad is a scheduling system for Shopify stores to allow businesses to automate and schedule changes to their store, such as enabling discounts or launching new products. It’s a tool that very much allows for a “set up and go” mentality, allowing you to focus on driving your business forward.

A good use for this is for a Black Friday sale. With Shopify Launchpad, you can set up discounts on select products or enable a discount code and set the start and end dates for each event, allowing you to automate the discount process. You can also set up a store theme specifically for Black Friday to show only during your Black Friday sale period, seamlessly reverting back to your default theme once the sale is over.

As mentioned previously, you can also use the feature to show specific products on your site on a specific date and time in case there is an embargo, or if the product isn’t announced or released until a certain date. With Launchpad, you have complete control of the automation and don’t need to worry about it once it’s been set up.

There are a couple of additional features you can set to help with either generating excitement with your customers or to prevent false orders being placed, the first of which is password restricting your automated launch. This allows you to create a more exclusive event for certain customers which can be used to generate hype for your store.

You can also set Launchpad to use a CAPTCHA, meaning when someone attempts to checkout a product, the system will check to see if the customer placing the order is a robot using the Captcha system. This ensures that your store isn’t bogged down by bots, ensuring more genuine orders and increased customer satisfaction.

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Shopify Flow

Shopify Flow is a tool that allows you to create flow diagrams to classify actions on Shopify and tell the system how to respond to those actions. This can be used for a range of purposes, such as rewarding customers who spend a lot with your store and can be enhanced using a range of add-ons from the Shopify store. With Shopify Flow, you can have your system react based on how customers use the store and what you need to generate more revenue for your business.

Shopify Flow allows for easy automation to generate increased revenue by enticing customers to repeat spend with your business with minimal work and fuss from you. By setting up a few flows for your site, you can easily reward your valued customers, whilst also creating new ones and ultimately, generating revenue for your store.

Script Editor

As standard with Shopify, businesses only have a limited degree of control with their checkout process. Certain changes can be made to the style, whether an account is required, order processing and more. The options available can cover most use cases, but sometimes larger enterprises need something with a greater degree of control.

This is where the script editor comes in. Script Editor allows businesses more granular control of their checkout process with custom code. This is a tool that does require some technical knowledge but can provide powerful results, allowing for a more tailored checkout experience for your store. Our developers are highly skilled in using Shopify’s Script Editor to create bespoke solutions for any scenario.

Scripts can be used for many reasons, such as applying discounts based on the items in the shopping cart or other cart properties. You can customise shipping and payment options available to your customers. With scripts, you can gain advanced custom functionality without compromising flexibility or maintainability. It’s also good for adding functionality without maintaining applications or keeping servers running as the scripts are all run as part of your store rather than separately.


Shopify Plus includes powerful tools to help increase revenue and automate running your store. It also offers other smaller features not mentioned in this article, such as more control over currency conversion if your store trades in multiple currencies, and the ability to add up to 100 themes for your store which allows you to have a theme for any situation and more. Whether Shopify Plus is a good idea will vary depending on your business’s needs. However, it does offer excellent functionality at great value for money, proving beneficial for many businesses under the right circumstances.

Sam Manojlovic

Junior QA Tester