Online marketplaces are one of the fastest growing areas within the ecommerce space and customers are using marketplaces to research and purchase products online.

  • 55% of all product searches start on Amazon
  • 90% of users check amazon after finding a product on a retailer’s website

It’s important you don’t miss out on engaging with potential customers during the research stage of their journey. Many people think marketplaces is purely focused on Amazon Advertising although marketplaces includes other marketplaces such as ebay, etsy, wayfair

3 Pillars to success

Our 3 key principles of our approach to marketplace advertising include;

Retail Readiness

We ensure your Amazon store is optimised to appear for paid and organic searches as efficiently as possible.


We work with you to understand which products have a big enough margin and understand incrementality to support marketplace advertising for you.

Test & learn

We implement a test & .learn approach to get the best performance for our clients.

At AYKO we’re Amazon sponsored ads and programmatic accredited users so you know you’re in safe hands.

We can support with several areas across marketplaces including;

  • Store setup - To get you started we help get you setup and running on Amazon and other marketplaces. There’s direct integrations with Shopify and Magento to make this easier.

  • Organic optimisation - We work with you to ensure your Amazon store is retail ready

  • Advertising - We support with promoting your brand or products across the platform