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A full-service digital agency, our goal is to craft and grow market-leading eCommerce experiences with ingenuity, innovation and imagination.

With our team of eCommerce and Marketing professionals including a highly skilled development team, AYKO is one of the largest independently owned full-service eCommerce agencies in the UK.

At their core, marketplaces connect third-party sellers with buyers, both B2C and B2B (Amazon Business).

Marketplaces have become increasingly popular - due to the availability for consumers to compare features, reviews, specifications, delivery times, and price.

Amazon and eBay are by far the most popular, but Etsy and Not On The High Street are also great for customised items. Wayfair specialise in furniture and OnBuy is a growing marketplace. TikTok shop is a new marketplace, launched September 2023.

Online marketplaces are one of the fastest growing areas within the ecommerce space and customers are using marketplaces to research and purchase products online.

- 55% of all product searches start on Amazon

- 90% of users check amazon after finding a product on a retailer’s website

It’s important you don’t miss out on engaging with potential customers during the research stage of their journey. Many people think marketplaces is purely focused on Amazon although marketplaces includes other marketplaces such as eBay, TikTok Shop, Etsy, Wayfair, OnBuy, and more.

Benefits of selling on Marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay:

Sales and Revenue Growth

Marketplace are additional channels for consumers to discover your brand, purchase your items and leave reviews

Brand Awareness

Marketplace advertising (such as Amazon Ads) allow to promote your products, your brand, or both to relevant consumers on and off their marketplaces

Consumer Trust

Consumers can see the price, stock availability, reviews, delivery time before purchasing and this increased level of trust which isn’t always available with just a website may give them the extra peace of mind needed to finalise a purchase

International Expansion

Marketplaces allow you to sell globally relatively simply, which can lead to huge growth. Furthermore, your products may sell for higher prices in international markets, perhaps due to a lack of local suppliers, which could lead to larger profit margins in these regions

24/7 Operation

If you choose to utilise Fulfilment by Amazon (or eBay) then these marketplaces can pick, pack, dispatch, and handle customer service around the clock


Shoppers often browse the trending and best-selling products in categories they are interested in, which as a result allows for organic discovery of your products

Our Marketplace Services

Product Listing

List your products to marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay.

Listing Optimisation

Optimise titles, key product features, descriptions, search terms, images, variations etc, according to best practices to rank organically.

A+ Content

Design and apply A+ content which replaces standard product descriptions with images, tables, comparison charts etc.

Storefront Design

Design and apply an eye catching Amazon or eBay brand store page which showcases your brand, range of products, promotional offers, new items etc.

Website Integration

Assist with using inventory and order management software to sync stock levels, push price updates out etc.

Pricing Review & Automated Pricing Set Up

Compare pricing to competitors products, and set up automated pricing on ASIN’s with multiple sellers (within min and max prices) to win the Buy Box as often as possible.

Set Up Advertising Campaigns

Amazon Automatic, Manual Keyword, Manual Product Matching, Sponsored Display, Sponsored Brand Campaigns, eBay Promoted Listings & Advanced Campaigns.

Review, Optimise, & Report

Monitor spend, increase/decrease bids, add negative keywords, report on advertising campaign results.

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