Product Listing Optimisation

Product Title - We can optimise this to have the relevant keywords and product features which consumers will search for, as succinct as possible, for organic ranking.

Product Description & Key Product Features - we can optimise key product features in the bullet points for organic ranking and A+ content in the product descriptions with lifestyle images to improve conversion.

Product Images & Videos - we can optimise these with high-quality product images, lifestyle images and videos showing the products in use, to improve conversion.

Search Terms - we can optimise these with relevant keywords which customers are searching for on Amazon in order to rank higher organically.

Variations - we can link closely related products into the same variation where possible to share reviews and sales rankings to rank higher organically.

A+ Content:

We can position your brand and bring products to life with A+ Content—an advanced option for adding rich text, imagery, HD videos, banners, and other features to Amazon product detail pages.

A+ Content can help increase sales by up to 20%.

Brand Store:

Stores are custom multipage shopping destinations for individual brands that let you share your brand story and product offerings in an eye-catching manner.

Stores are a fantastic place to showcase new lines which consumers may not have discovered, as well as any promotions or deals.

Automated Pricing:

- 83% of sales on Amazon go to the seller with the Featured Offer (also know as the Buy Box)

- We can review your pricing in comparison with competitor ASINs and marketplace fees

- We can then set up minimum and maximum prices for your product

- Your products will then automatically reprice within your minimum and maximum price range when competitors change their price, to win the Featured Offer as often as possible

- If a competitor drops their price below your minimum price, you won't follow them and sell below your minimum price


We can assist with the implementation of Inventory and order management software, such as Linnworks, ChannelAdvisor or similar which may be needed to manage orders, sync stock levels between different channels such as Amazon and your website.

Amazon A+ content and brand stores are also available in Amazon's global marketplaces. We can help you expand globally by setting up your listings and brand in Europe, North America, and more

Learn more about international expansion opportunities with Amazon's global marketplaces

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