What is a Business Intelligence solution?

Business intelligence eCommerce solutions make monitoring your business health simple. You can analyse data from across your operations and never worry about figuring out your Average Order Value, Customer Lifetime Value, or Retention rates again.

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Benefits of using Adobe Business Intelligence

Faster analysis

Intuitive, customisable dashboards make understanding your data easy. The Adobe Commerce Business Intelligence platform draws data from across your business and presents it in an engaging and accessible manner.

Increased efficiency

With full oversight of all your data, you can take a holistic view of your operation and make it work more efficiently.

Data-led decisions

From sales forecasting to real-time data, you’ll have the hard evidence you need to back up your ideas.

Better customer experiences

Smooth out process issues quickly. Bespoke customer service dashboards can help you monitor relevant deliveries, queries, and chats and reduce support calls.

How does it work?

Business Intelligence platforms - such as Adobe Commerce Business Intelligence, powered by Magento - bring all your data together in one place. They store, sync, and present information from across your operation in a cloud-based warehouse - so you can analyse, learn and make data-driven decisions.

With Adobe Commerce Business Intelligence, you can:

1 Visualise your data with crystal-clear tables, bubble charts, and graphics.
2 Integrate your sales, marketing, and logistics data into one cloud-based database.
3 Share your insights with your team - steering the direction and making changes happen.

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