AYKO is one of the largest independently owned eCommerce agencies in the UK, with over 10 years of experience building Adobe Commerce powered by Magento websites.

29 Sites developed on Adobe Commerce

We were one of the first agencies in the UK to work on both the Magento Enterprise and Adobe Commerce platforms.

23 Sites developed Adobe Commerce Cloud

As early adopters of developing on Adobe Commerce Cloud, we became one of the leading agencies in the EU on the platform.

24 Adobe Commerce sites actively supported

All of our clients benefit from proactive 24/7 technical support. Our support model is reactive and flexible for both Adobe Commerce clients and Magento Open Source clients.

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Our internal team is highly skilled and experienced individuals, which include Adobe Commerce certified back-end and front-end developers and solution specialists.

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We will work with you initially to understand whether the project will be run as an Agile or a more traditional waterfall build.


- We would start breaking down the requirements into stories/tasks, group them into epics and begin detailing them with specific requirements, questions, and use cases. This would form the backlog, which would then be reviewed and prioritised based on:

- MoSCoW analysis to determine MVP and base priority

- Complexity, with complex tasks being prioritised

- Dependencies, with tasks that have more dependent tasks being prioritised

- We would then estimate the tasks (we work in hours or t-shirt sizes rather than story points, to fit in with the wider operational structure of the studio), identify how many sprints are available ahead of the deadline (minus project initiation, UAT, launch, etc.), and use this as a basis to understand how many resources would be required to deliver the project.


- We would write a complete technical specification and use this as the basis for estimation of the effort required to deliver the project.

- Once the scope of work had been defined, we would prioritise tasks using the same approach as above (MoSCoW, complexity, dependencies).


- Agile: greater flexibility, less lead time to start development, costs based on Time and Materials (by sprint)

- Waterfall: fixed-cost and fixed-scope, lead time required to define deliverables, costs based on deliverables

Our Magento Project Process


Adobe Commerce certified developers code to best practices, after internal peer review, the code is then passed to our dedicated QA team for testing.

Quality Assurance

Our QA team completes predefined sets of automated and manual tests to ensure all the requirements are met. If any issues are found, detailed steps on how to replicate them are written and passed back to the development team for the next available sprint.

Client Approval

When we reach our predefined milestones, you will have the chance to test in a purpose-built environment ahead of sign-off for release to your production environment.


The work completed within the sprint will be deployed to the production environment, and our dedicated development operations team will manage this process with your chosen hosting partner.

Post Launch

Post-launch, our support model is the perfect way to support ambitious online retailers in a malleable nature with the centralised agreement for all services. Our flexible model allows for agile support across our development and digital marketing teams.


The Discovery Phase is the first step in our project development process. We flesh out the purpose, value proposition, and expectations of a project. Discovery is about learning what you have, what you want, and what you need.

Design & UX

Our design & UX phase is tailored to each projects requirements. Some projects require a simple migration between platforms and others require several Design & UX workshops to help achieve the desired look and feel. It also helps capture any additional development requirements going into the next phase.

Development & Integrations

This phase includes the review of the project plan now that all deliverables have been defined and signed off. At this point our certified Adobe developers begin building your new website.


We have a dedicated QA team who ensure that tasks are constantly reviewed and tested throughout the project. Where possible, we will build automated tests that will benefit the project delivery and post-launch when you evolve your website further via our ongoing support model. Our Agile internal process ensures that our testing methods are constantly reviewed and optimised.


With every launch, minimal downtime and a detail plan is essential. We share with you our plans and documentation as we plan for that day and keep you updated in real time as the website is launched.

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