Running a business means having to multi-task every element all of the time. However, Shopify's simple approach to automation means that many of day to day tasks can be completed in a matter of clicks, leaving you free to concentrate on the things that really matter.

With the aid of Shopify's free tools like Flow, Scripts, and Launchpad, you can save time and money in your day-to-day operations by automating campaigns and workflows right from your dashboard. Using custom or pre-made templates, every element you need to increase sales is at your fingertips as a user-friendly tool integrated into your store. All of these tools are supported with resources from Shopify themselves, so make them work for you.

1 Billion

Automated Decisions Each Month


Unique Jobs Completed by Flow


Custom Use Cases Solved Every Week


Higher AOV with custom promotions from Shopify Scripts

Shopify Scripts

Shopify Scripts are customisations written in Ruby that allow you to create personalised customer experiences. Using line item, shipping, and payment scripts, you can implement custom logic and tailor the user experience during a customer’s checkout journey. You can offer automated custom pricing, promotions, shipping, or payment options like BOGO discounts & free shipping methods, as well as increase conversion with promotions or customisations that can be shown without the need for a discount code.

Shopify Flow

Get more done, in less time, turning manual and repetitive tasks into automated workflows, and get back to what’s more important…your business. Start automating in seconds activating workflows in just 3 clicks with pre-built templates for common use cases. Whatever you need, you can build it with the custom workflows and processes that you need to run your business.


You can now prepare your Shopify store for any event without all the headaches. Launchpad offers a simple way to automate and schedule a sales campaign, product release, or flash sale. Simplify execution by automating your event checklist to reduce time spent and the risk of error while executing an event. Drive conversion by scheduling front-end customizations to deliver a smooth customer experience from the product page through to checkout.

Whether you want to take adavantage of one of the elements of personalisation or tackle it all we'd love to help.

Let the personalisation begin