Shopify Scripts

Shipping scripts— Triggered when the user interacts with the shipping options, based on the parameters set rule will change shipping methods and grant discounts on shipping rates

These scripts interact with payments and can rename, hide, and re-order payment gateways. These scripts run each time your customer accesses the payment method page at checkout. Payment scripts do not interact with payment gateways, such as PayPal Express or Apple Pay, that are shown to your customer before the checkout.

Payment scripts— These scripts exclusively affect the checkout, it allows for payment options and gateways to be shown or hidden at your will in checkout. Note; this will not impact/ cannot hide options that may appear on the site in the journey before reaching the checkout.

Templates to make your life even easier

Here’s a list some of the most common script templates

  • percentage (%) off a product
  • amount ($) off a product
  • percentage (%) and amount ($) off a product
  • bulk discounts
  • buy one get one free (BOGO)
  • modify shipping rate price
  • modify shipping rate name
  • hide shipping rates
  • re-order shipping rates
  • modify payment gateway name
  • hide payment gateway
  • re-order payment gateways

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