There's never a right time? Wrong.

As the Ecommerce space has become pivotal for most merchants, choosing the right platform to host your site is the foundation of it’s success. There’s a so many factors to consider from automation, customisation, security, marketing integration, growth, and then there’s the cost! It’s no wonder that there never seems to be a right time to question whether your current platform is working optimally for you.

Until now.

Shopify has boomed in the ecommerce space over the past few years, and now boasts over one million global websites using the platform. Key factors like scalability, security, and functionality have all played a part of the reason why over one million merchants now chose to use to Shopify, so maybe it’s time to reassess your platform and see how you can make Shopify work for you.

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Let's take a thorough look and audit your site


Our project Team will plan and map out the process of how we'll migrate you across


Measure twice cut once as the saying goes, we cover the bases to pass a through a thorough specification to the development team.


Upload your content, let's see if we can help make any SEO improvements, you get familiar with the admin and we're here to help


Once all redirects, content, and data has been transferred, QA has been completed, and risks have been mitigated, we're ready to hand the reigns over to you


Constant iteration & innovation means you stay in the race for acquiring market share, no buyer behaviour remains the same, no site should either.


Shopify is a fully hosted SaaS platform which removes all security risks associated with self-hosted software, like Magento. It’s also cloud hosted with a 99.99% up-time, almost unrivalled in the industry. Shopify also Supports level 1 PCI security compliance which should be at the forefront of all merchants mind, knowing that all credit card data is processed and stored in the most secure way possible. On top of this, Shopify offers 24/7 Support for all customers, all of the time.


    Having a multi-tiered price plan, Shopify is the most cost effective platform enabling complete scalability to fit all size stores, and allowing for enterprise level growth. As there is no extra cost for hosting, fully customizable themes and templates, and integrated marketing tools for automation, merchants are not burdened with development or marketing requirements.


    The online Ecommerce space has rapidly expanded, meaning that merchants have had to expand with it. Many platforms that were fit to purpose are now finding themselves left behind, and one look at Shopify’s growing ecosystem is a landmark to the structure all platforms will need in the future. Given the scalability, easy customisation, and extensive features that Shopify puts in the merchants hands, it makes sense to use a platform that can work around your needs…


      Step One

      Domain Changes

      Step Two

      Server Migration

      Step Three

      Common Fears Migrating Platforms

      • Migrating take’s too long and we don’t have the time - This is a common misconception as with the correct discovery, planning, and execution, a complete migration can be done within 4 months

      • I’ve got so much data, I don’t want to risk losing it or falling out of the rankings - There are multiple product and data tools that help securely move you across to Shopify. Google Analytics are also carried over to keep track of your metrics.

      • What about SEO? - You can see a full breakdown of our SEO Migration Here

      Think you're ready to take the leap?

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