UX helps provide a positive experience that keeps users engaged and loyal.

Here at AYKO we are firm believers in the value of quantitative and analytical data to help us and you understand your users’ behaviour. Utilising this information you can help drive a successful Conversion Rate Optimisation strategy.

This data, though, only tells part of the story. To help you paint a fuller picture of your user base, it is critical to understand not just what your users do on your site, but why they do. After all, if you are going to improve and enhance your site, who better to ask for suggestions? Your ecommerce site should always be optimised with the target audience in mind - they are the ones who will be using it, ultimately.

Qualitative, user-led research has one distinct advantage over other types of research: it seeks to eliminate subjectivity bias. By canvassing real-world users, you can quickly understand their obstacles and pain points with the site’s user experience. Once you have this information, you can look at ways to remove or minimise such issues.

Research shows that over 88% of users will not return to a site if they have a bad experience the first time. As we also know that loyal and returning users convert at higher rates, it is vital to provide a seamless experience to help encourage repeat visits.

Usability Testing

Leveraging independent 3rd party user pools, AYKO can help you run usability tests on your e-commerce site. These tests will ask real users to perform tasks on the site, and respond to the experience as they do so.

These unmoderated sessions are recorded and anonymised, so that they remain available for analysis and discussion between yourselves and AYKO. We will then work with you to understand the priority points arising from these sessions which require attention on the site. In this way, you gain valuable insight from users who have, most likely, never before interacted with the site (and therefore have no existing bias).

On-site Surveys

Similarly, short on-site surveys can, when deployed in a considered manner, provide a great opportunity for direct feedback from site users.

From post-purchase surveys, to asking users about their experiences with a key piece of functionality on your site, find out quickly how your users feel about their overall interaction with your brand. Armed with this knowledge, AYKO can help shape the direction of your e-commerce experience going forward.