Why should you invest in an affiliate marketing strategy?

  • Brand Protection - If you don’t advertise in the affiliate space your competitors will ensure you appear alongside your competitors.
  • Performance based payments - You only pay a commission once you make a sale or drive a lead.
  • Control - You can control which affiliates your brand appears on and who you accept to join your programme
  • Incremental revenue - You can build a tailored strategy focused on using validations to only pay for incremental sales or leads.
  • Reach new audiences - We look to diversify the types of affiliates on your campaign to reach new users and drive incremental value.

Our affiliate account management is based upon 4 key principles;

  • Platform Agnostic - We’re happy to work with major affiliate networks including Affiliate Window (AWIN) and Commission Junction (CJ) or smaller networks to balance scale whilst reducing over-ride costs for our clients.
  • Incrementality - We look to use network figures combined with Google Analytics and validations to ensure we’re driving value.
  • Diversification - We look to diversify your strategy across a number of different types of affiliates to boost brand awareness and increase incrementality.
  • Brand safety - we work with you to ensure we’re building relationships and placing your brand against partners which align with your core values.