Zero code required, every automation you can think of for your business!

Shopify flow removes the manual and mundane task and replaces it with a simple logic that anyone can work with. It’s as initiative as it is powerful, it can personalise shopping experiences, filter customers for loyalty programmes, protect you from fraud & so much more!

Shopify Flow is a unique tool that can free up time in your business and eliminate human error ushering in consistency into the operation of the business. It’ step by step guid enables the user to build workflows to automate tasks, campaigns, and processes within your store and across your apps. It allows you.

• Free up key personal time by removing the the mundane tasks putting the right information in the hands of the right people.

• The intuitive workflow builder means creating tasks are simple and easy to emulate, the uniformity in its approach means there is a wealth of flows already to go courtesy of the community.

• Linking up with external 3rd parties harnesses the best in breed of all the solutions, a simple rule triggers the automation and talks to the third parties without developer invention being required.

562 Million

Total workflows run in BF & CM


Unique jobs created by flow

1 Billion

Decisions automated every month

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