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A Remarkable 862% YoY Revenue Growth and 203% Increase in ROAS for JWL Security

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Nottingham, UK

Services We Provided
PPC Management

The Client

JWL Security is a specialised Architectural Ironmongers company with extensive knowledge in fixings, fasteners, security products, power tools, and general hardware items. JWL is recognised for their ability to source hard-to-find items and go above and beyond to meet customers' needs.

The Brief

Drawing upon the proven track record of AYKO's successful PPC management for their sister company, JWL Online, JWL Security turned to AYKO to boost their paid advertising endeavours via Google Ads. With a history of successful collaboration between AYKO and JWL Online, JWL Security recognised the opportunity to use AYKO's expertise to enhance their own digital advertising presence. Seeking to increase revenue whilst sustaining a specific ROAS, JWL Security approached AYKO with clear objectives aimed at increasing their business growth.

The Solution

Our partnership with JWL Security began in December 2022, focusing on the strategic development of their Google Ads account. This involved creating targeted campaigns such as a brand search campaign, a dynamic search ad (DSA) campaign, and various performance max campaigns customised for specific product categories.

As our partnership evolved, by March 2023, we strategically escalated media spend across these campaigns, resulting in increased website traffic and, consequently, also increasing revenue streams. Recognising the pivotal role of the Performance Max campaign, we identified an opportunity to boost sales by refining our approach. This involved segmenting our performance max campaigns into distinct asset groups, each aligned with top-performing subcategories such as Hardware, Locks, and hardware tools.

Through customising ad copy and targeting to align with the specifics of these subcategories, we personalised the advertising experience for prospective customers. Enhanced by ad copy testing, where we experimented with various messaging themes like brand, delivery methods, product range, quality, and affordability, we could pinpoint which messaging resonates most effectively with our audience and generates the best conversion rates

By integrating Performance Max into the account, we have incorporated Feed Management into our PPC strategy. Through refining the product feed via rules, we have boosted relevance and precision, leading to increased product visibility and enhanced user engagement. This process included ensuring that products have specific attributes, such as product type, category, and brand, which has positively impacted both backend and frontend enhancements.

We have also transitioned to a Third-Party CSS to mitigate CPCs. Using a third-party Comparison Shopping Service, we have decreased the client's CPCs, which facilitates cost-effective ad placements and broadening product exposure across platforms.


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