G Johns & Sons Ltd

A family-owned and run business that is over 125 years old, founded in 1888 as a builders contractors and incorporated in 1943.

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Harlow, Essex, UK

Services We Provided
PPC Management

The Client

Founded in 1888 in North London, G Johns & Sons is a family-owned and operated business that is a specialist supplier to both trade and the public of the highest quality architectural ironmongery and brassware. Boasting a comprehensive range of fixtures, fittings and finishes, G Johns’ range of products is suitable for any project large or small, domestic or commercial.

The Brief

Following a prolonged period of successful PPC management, we agreed alongside G Johns that the time was right to maximise their paid media potential by increasing their PPC budget. After deciding on a baseline minimum ROAS target, G Johns uncapped their spend allowing us to accelerate and capitalise on the many opportunities presented to increase their revenue and ROAS. Consequently, G Johns has maintained its higher paid media spend and is continuing to feel the benefits of unchaining their strategy today.

The Solution

At AYKO we understand that uncapped paid media spending is about extracting the maximum possible value from your campaigns. Therefore, we undertook full asset and ad group reviews, including ad optimisations, budget evaluations and bid optimisations, to ensure G Johns campaigns were of a quality that was commensurate with their increased budgets. Furthermore, we monitored and managed these campaigns daily to ensure they were consistently optimal and spending intuitively.

The Results

The results saw a year-on-year increase in conversions of +571% alongside an increase in ROAS of +218% which was achieved for a +72% higher spend overall. From an initial 500% target, ROAS climbed to well over 850% and never dropped lower than 655%.


Increase in Conversions (YoY)


Increase in ROAS (YoY)

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