Technical SEO

An essential aspect of any website is accessibility, and today’s online landscape is highly competitive. Whether you’re a multinational company or an ambitious smaller retailer, ensuring the content on your website is of the highest quality is vital to achieving growth and sustainability.

At AYKO, we have an in-depth knowledge of what gets a website to rank, what doesn’t, and how to scale a search engine strategy to grow your business. Our Search Engine Optimisation team will optimise elements of your web page to ensure search engine crawlers index your website more effectively across a range of devices.

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Using numerous tools such as SEMrush, SearchMetrics, and more, we are able to gain a deep understanding of the competition and what alternative terms can be used to boost your search performance and increase conversions.

SEO can be a minefield, but our SEO specialists are on hand to help you navigate any technical issues and make critical improvements that will determine your websites organic success.

SEO Services


A healthy and well-optimised website is the bedrock of any digital campaign. To identify the areas of improvement, we begin with a technical audit.


When launching a new website, our team are on hand to oversee the process, safeguard your traffic and ensure a smooth and effective SEO campaign.


Penalised by Google or seen a drop in traffic? We can drill down into the root of the problem and work on getting those all important rankings and traffic back.


Pursuing international markets requires a clear SEO strategy. We combine years of technical experience and industry knowledge to help you achieve international success.

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