Visualsoft vs Shopify Plus

Choosing the Right Platform

The Importance of a Reliable eCommerce Platform

Having a strong brand presence online is essential for any brand and in order to give your customer the very best experience you need a reliable eCommerce platform. The right platform will provide you with an easy, manageable solution to help you sell your products, provide a great user experience and can support business growth. From reasonable pricing to ease of use, your eCommerce platform should be something that gives you control and confidence to boost business and take things to the next level.

An Introduction to Shopify Plus

As a leading multi-channel enterprise eCommerce platform, Shopify Plus is rapidly becoming the eCommerce channel of choice for many brands across the globe. With around 1.7 million Shopify businesses making over $277 billion in sales so far, it’s clear to see why they’re becoming the preferred platform for so many businesses. Providing a simple and easy to use solution, Shopify Plus enables you to focus on the things that really matter so your customers get the best experience every single time.

Why Choose AYKO

As a Shopify Plus Partner, we have the experience and combined skill-set to create reliable and engaging websites that will take your business to the next level. With our full-service offering, we support you every step of the way from the website build through to captivating marketing campaigns and user experience. 

We’re one of the largest wholly owned and operated Shopify Plus agencies in the UK 

    • User friendly
    • Maintained Security
    • Unique Visual Design
    • Comprehensive App Suite
    • Speed and Reliability
    • Intuitive Marketing Tools
    • Mobile Responsiveness
    • Always Online Support for You
    • Easy Payments
    • SEO Friendly

Key Features

Scalability, flexibility and cost control tend to be three key factors in the growth of SMEs in the eCommerce industry. These are three areas Shopify delivers on in droves and is quickly becoming the gold standard for eCommerce. The ecosystem is on track to have 2 million installations of Shopify and Shopify Plus by the end of 2021 which in turn funds the $600 million-plus research and development annual budget for the platform. This scale allows for Enterprise-grade technology to be commercially viable for the mid-market, below are a few of the key areas that you may experience differences;

  • There are over 3200 apps to choose from on the Shopify APP store, ranging from operational efficiencies to directly driving sales.
  • You can freely add modules to your site in most cases without the need for any developer intervention.
  • You can move from one developer or agency to another allowing you to select agencies and technical partners that align with your companies success.
  • Front end and visual changes are easy to make on Shopify Plus you can make visual changes to the store and add content without a developer. 
  • Shopify pay allows customers to seamlessly pay quickly and effectively
  • Shopify Flow is a tool that allows you to create links between the 3rd party systems creating automated flows and removes unnecessary manual intervention. 
  • “Shopify allows you to manage your own data, you can freely export the product and sales data for your store.”


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