Amazon Now Shows Brand Stores in Search Result Suggestions

Amazon has updated their search result suggestions to now include Brand Stores, these are shown as the first suggestions and are accompanied with the brand’s respective logo.

This update makes Brand Stores much more accessible to shoppers, and is likely to drive significantly increase traffic to them. As a result, sellers with an optimised Brand Store are likely to benefit from increased discoverability and brand awareness.

Brand Stores were already crucial in building a reputable brand image on Amazon, allowing for discovery of a brand’s full product range, and increasing average order value - however Brand Stores will now be more important than ever due to their top position in the search result suggestions.

Brand Storefronts were already influential in allowing existing customers to find new products, and now it is going to be even simpler for loyal customers to find and explore Brand Stores.

Brands which have a poorly optimised storefront will likely see a drop in conversion rates, as shoppers may perceive their brand as less reputable than competitors with a fully optimised storefront.

Currently, this feature is only available on desktop in the US, but it is likely to be rolled out to other countries and devices in the near future.


Jake Griffiths

Marketplaces Manager

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