February PR Highlights - Campaigns, Topics, Events & Experts

From pizzas to send to end your relationship, ‘Grans-Go-Free’ holidays, to words like ‘Barbiecore’ and ‘Pretty privilege’ being added to the dictionary. February has been a creative and engaging month in the world of PR and communications. With lots of topical news hooks to latch onto, from Valentine’s Day to Pancake Day and Fashion Week – marketers have been blessed with opportunities to speak to receptive consumers.

Here are the top-performing PR campaigns the media couldn’t get enough of last month:

The Top 10 PR Campaigns of February:

  1. Pizza Hut: Goodbye Pies
  • Campaign type: Creative
  • Results: 3664 Links secured
  • Pizza Hut releases break-up pies that you can send your partner to END a relationship.
  1. Delta: Delta’s Front Row Experience
  • Campaign type: Creative
  • Results: 1686 Links secured
  • Delta Airlines is now offering passengers a special flight to enjoy a deluxe view of the upcoming Great American Eclipse — the last one for decades.
  1. Dictionary.com: Gen Z Language Is Added To Dictionary.com
  • Campaign type: Reactive
  • Results: 873 Links secured
  • Dictionary.com released its list of popular terms added for 2024. This year, Gen Z slang dominated the entries, with words such as ‘barbie-core’, ‘bussin’ and ‘pretty privilege’ added to the dictionary.
  1. Jacquemus: Jacquemus X Nike
  • Campaign type: Product
  • Results: 782 Links secured
  • The Nike x Jacquemus Spring 2024 collection includes womenswear and unisex apparel, a new J Force 1 and a brand new accessory, the Le Swoosh bag.
  1. P.F.Changs: PF Changs Free Dumplings
  • Campaign type: Creative
  • Results: 375 Links secured
  • Got Dumped?–Receive six dumplings by sharing a breakup text now through National Break Up Day on February 21st.
  1. Open Table: The Top 100 Most Romantic Dinner Spots In The US
  • Campaign type: Creative
  • Results: 358 Links secured
  • OpenTable announces the Top 100 Romantic Restaurants for a date night in America for 2024
  1. Trip Advisor: The Best Beaches In The World
  • Campaign type: Data-Led
  • Results: 351 Links secured
  • Golden sands, rugged coastlines, clear blue waters—this year’s winning beaches are traveller faves for everything from lazy beach days to underwater adventures.
  1. Duo Lingo: Duo Lingo’s Booty Merch
  • Campaign type: Product
  • Results: 345 Links secured
  • Duolingo’s owl mascot got a BBL from Doctor Miami in the brand’s most outrageous social campaign.
  1. Days Inn: Eclipse Photography Competition
  • Campaign type: Creative
  • Results: 341 Links secured
  • Days Inn Will Pay You and Your BFF $5,000 to Capture the Solar Eclipse from 10,000 Feet.
  1. Easy Jet: Grans Go Free
  • Campaign type: Creative
  • Results: 204 Links secured
  • The unique twist on ‘Kids Go Free’ allows grandparents to travel on the house to family-favourite European destinations.

Amidst the whirlwind of attention-grabbing campaigns that dominated media coverage this month, journalists across national publications, consumer outlets, and trade platforms delved into a diverse array of topics. For PR professionals and brands seeking inspiration sometimes, the most impactful coverage arises from taking a step back, assessing the landscape, and identifying opportunities. Has there been a sudden shift in weather patterns, the launch of a new film, or a new product capturing media attention? Reactive opportunities can sometimes be the most successful:

The Top 5 Most Covered Topics:

  • Valentine’s Day (49k pieces of coverage)
  • King Charles (17k pieces of coverage)
  • Chinese New Year (10k pieces of coverage)
  • Kate Middleton (7.6k pieces of coverage)
  • Recession (5.1k pieces of coverage)

The Top Most Covered Events:

  • Superbowl (18.1M Social engagement)
  • Taylor Swift (8.9M Social engagement)
  • Fashion Week (419k Social engagement)

Types of Experts Journalists Have Favoured This Month:

  • Health Experts (1571 articles)
  • Business Experts (937 articles)
  • Legal Experts (447 articles)
  • Finance Experts (394 articles)

Format of Campaign

  1. Data-led PR
  2. Commentary or thought leadership PR
  3. Product PR
  4. Creative/Campaign PR
  5. Reactive PR

Topics That Publications Covered The Most

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Caitlin Murphy

Senior Digital PR Executive