We recently attended Meet Magento UK and have brought you some of our content highlights from the day.

Meet Magento UK returned to the Mermaid, London 19th June to connect the Magento community for a day of learning and networking. With two talk tracks to choose from, Merchant Track and Technical Track, there was plenty of content around the latest innovations and trends and lots of practical takeaways for attendees. Unlike other Magento events such as Magento Imagine and MagentoLive Europe, this conference is completely community lead and organised by a Magento Solution Technology partner. 

The speakers include representatives from Magento and Adobe alongside merchants, other SI partners and third-party technologies. Here is a round-up of my talk highlights from the day:


Optimising Online Retail Performance

IMRG run a series of data studies analysing participant performance across a range of datasets to help retailers understand how they can optimise various areas of their eCommerce offering. 

Strategy and Insight Director at IMRG, Andy Mulcahy, analysed a set of data gathered from several online retailers and presented his findings to advise SI’s and merchants on how to best optimise the customer funnel and encourage conversions. On average, 56% of users that visit a website view a product page, 19% of these add to basket, and 58% of this number convert. So, based on IMRG findings, how can we reach that large percentage of users who are escaping the customer funnel?

Video – Despite video best practice being ill-defined currently, IMRG predicts that video, including catwalk videos and ‘how-to’ videos, have strong potential to increase customer engagement.

Similar product suggestions – Retailers with similar product suggestions, i.e. ‘Complete the look’, ‘Make an outfit of it’ or ‘Frequently bought together’ have higher than the average number of items per order.

Urgency messaging – Urgency messaging such as ‘Quick, selling out fast’ or ‘Only three left’ displayed on the product pages, is proven to be an effective way to increase the add to bag rate. However, IMRG predicts this will be regulated in the future due to a backlash from charities included mental health charities. 

Live Chat – According to IMRG, only 0.3% of total sessions use Live Chat, but for users that do, the conversion rate is considerably higher. Retailers should evaluate whether their product or service requires this functionality. 

Site search box – Customers who choose to use search are proven to be more engaged than an average user. Customers who use the site search box have a conversion rate of 7.4%, compared to the average conversion rate of 3.1%. IMRG found that their intent to purchase was far greater, and even showing them zero results doesn’t put them off!

From Bigamy to Polyamory: Managing Complex Agency Relationships

Meet Magento speaker Dan Coleman explained how eCommerce Managers and business owners often look to change agencies when projects are failing. However, it is often the inter-agency relationships that are failing, and the expense of replacing agencies can sometimes be avoided.

The majority of retailers will work with several agencies or third-parties, including their development agency, creative agency, eCommerce consultants and so on, however, retailers need all agencies to work together to meet their needs. Many companies think that the cure to this is all-agency calls, but Dan believes this is not the solution and went on to offer his recommendations. 

So, what should a retailer do to manage complex agency relationships?

  1. Understand your objectives (SMART objectives that all parties can understand).
  2. Communicate your objectives to all parties
  3. Get a feel for your current agency relationships (are payments sent on time, is there a communication structure or is communications ad hoc, are they offering you good value, do they push back?) and create a RACI chart (Responsibility Assignment Matrix).
  4. Own your reporting – take full responsibility for reporting and communicating it to all parties.

All of these actionable items can be applied almost immediately with little or no change to existing relationships, and in doing so, retailers will be able to use each of their agency’s strengths to ensure the appropriate structures are put in place before they become an issue.


Panel – Convert More Mobile Visitors to Buyers: Surprising Findings from a Magento Community Study

Studies completed by Mayborn Group (owners of Tommee Tippee and Gro Company) shown that 82% of their traffic was coming from mobile, while only 3% of these mobile visitors were converting. To target this, they took part in a mobile optimisation initiative with their eCommerce agency and measured their success by calculating the increase in revenue per visitor (RPV).

Running a series of tests, they were able to optimise the mobile experience and increase the revenue per visitor (RPV) by 8.3%. The tests included simple tweaks including collapsing the coupon and promotion fields, removing the wishlist feature, adding the PayPal express checkout shortcut, and removing breadcrumbs. 

To help improve your mobile strategy, and see more live mobile commerce experiments like the ones below, visit http://www.mobileoptimized.org/experiments/.

FLOWERBX – Scaling a Flower Disruptor

The next talk was from Technology Director at FLOWERBX, Kam Chovet, who talked us through the evolution of online flower retailer and Magento merchant, FLOWERBX. Kam discussed the key areas that have helped FLOWERBX scale since its inception in 2015.

‘Last mile’ logistics – It was interesting to hear how flowers are a ‘last-minute business’ and how vital a slimmed-down supply chain is to ensure flowers last longer once they reach the consumer. As flowers are a living product, speed to market plus how the flowers are then transported to their final destination is super important. Focusing on their ‘last mile’ logistics, FLOWERBX tested various handling and packaging methods to identify the best third-party solution. They also wanted to offer excellent communication to customers throughout the process, so worked on an integration with their delivery process.

Subscription models – After seeing the success of some of the product ranges, FLOWERBX introduced a flower subscription model which encourages high customer loyalty at low-cost acquisition. Founder of FLOWERBX, Whitney Bromberg Hawkings wanted to encourage B2C customers to consider flowers as an everyday necessity like groceries, simplifying the ordering process and also offering convenience for her B2B customers including fashion retailers, hotels and VIPs.  

A scalable eCommerce platform – Working as a lean organisation of just 50 people, FLOWERBX wanted a simple and scalable eCommerce solution. Magento 2.3 allows FLOWERBX to create a multi-currency store, rather than multiple stores and enables them to repurpose their strong imagery. 

It was great to hear how FLOWERBX have grown since operating from a single location in London in 2017 to operating in 21 locations in Europe and recently opening a New York base in 2019.


Alongside some great talks, the team at JH and the Meet Magento UK sponsors put a lot of effort into making the day run as smoothly as possible. If you didn’t manage to make it to the event or just wanted to recap, I hope you enjoyed my Meet Magento UK highlights and thank you for reading. 


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