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A family-owned and run business that is over 125 years old, founded in 1888 as a builders contractors and incorporated in 1943.

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Harlow, Essex, UK

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The Client

Founded in 1888 in North London, G Johns & Sons is a family-owned and operated business that is a specialist supplier to both trade and the public of the highest quality architectural ironmongery and brassware. Boasting a comprehensive range of fixtures, fittings and finishes, G Johns’ range of products is suitable for any project large or small, domestic or commercial.

The Brief

G Johns had been struggling to get category landing pages to rank on the 1st page of Google, meaning that they had been missing out on crucial opportunities to target users who are in the ready to purchase stage of the conversion funnel.

The Solution

When we reviewed the category landing pages, we could see that there was keyword canibilsation across multiple categories, making it increasingly difficult to rank. Additionally, the title tags for each category page were frequently targeting multiple keywords, diluting the effectiveness of each title tag. With this in mind, we stripped back the title tag to ensure that each one was unique, and effectively targeted the correct keyword based on keyword research. We also replicated this optimisation across H1's to ensure that we gave each landing page the best opportunity of ranking. Whilst a number of pages were not ranking at all, a number were on the 1st page but outside the top 3 positions. We recognised that being on the 1st page is highly competitive space, so having a meta description that encourages a click would be crucial to boost our CTR. For each meta description for the target category URLs which we wanted to optimise, we aligned them with Googles best practice, and included CTAs which saw our CTR for keywords ranking on the 1st page take a significant boost.

The Results

Since making the optimisations, we have seen: - Keywords jump onto the 1st page - Conversion rates increase with keywords aligned with the user intent - CTR increase with optimised meta descriptions to increase the chances of gaining clicks - We have also seen keywords which haven't previously ranked at all, jump on to the 1st and 2nd page


increase in organic traffic YOY


increase in new users YOY


increase in organic revenue YOY


increase in non-branded clicks YOY

Our Recommendations

Simple recommendations to see SEO improvements include: - Conduct keyword research to align with the correct user intent - Ensure title tags do not target more than one keyword which dilutes the effectiveness - Title tags and H1s are aligned to really boost keyword relevancy - Meta descriptions are under 160 characters, include a trust signal and sign off with a CTA depending on the action we want the user to complete - Cross reference category landing pages across the site to remove the risk of keyword cannibalisation

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