Exclusively available for Adobe customers, Live Search is a completely free tool, and it can entirely make or break your online customer experience. Live Search combines the power of Adobe Sensei AI with real-time data to return personalised results. You can help customers get what find want with a quick, personalised search, as well as finding what they didn’t even know they needed.

According to Magento, conversion rates for customers who use site search are typically 50% higher, with 84% of customers wanting to use site search to solve their needs. The performance of your eCommerce store is extremely important here, with 64% of customers not returning to a website due to poor performance.

Magento Statistics

  • 27% of sites won’t show useful results if the shopper misspells just one character
  • Only 49% of sites allow shoppers to refine their search with faceted navigation
  • 61% of sites have weak support for search synonyms to help shoppers navigate

Using the power of A.I, Live Search is built to provide a seamless experience, using a catalogue of data, your customer will receive ample choice of products based on the data collected surrounding their current shopper queries and searches online. This is done in real-time, quickly sifting out the best products for your customer through a detailed merchant experience, embedded in your Adobe Commerce site.

Key Features of Live Search: (Taken directly from Magento Marketplace)

  • Rich merchandiser toolset to boost, bury, hide, and pin products with custom rules
  • Search-as-you-type returns results lighting fast as shoppers make their query
  • Simple synonym management with one- and two-way synonym groups to help direct customers to the best product results
  • Simple extension setup with little development work, straightforward design, and easy catalog sync
  • Flexible developer framework with full GraphQL coverage gives you headless flexibility and a built-in API test bench
  • Ultra-fast Saas-based services that can be leveraged by Adobe Commerce Cloud and On-prem customers (2.4.x+ )
  • API first, headless search service built-in Graph QL, with flexible APIs or a simple JS SDK for faster implementation

In addition to the seamless experience provided by Adobe through Adobe Commerce, merchants will be provided with dedicated reporting, to enable performance analysis, understanding trends, and the ability to optimize the customers search experience. The ability to filter metrics, identify shopper behaviour, and understand how queries vary over time, enhances your capability of increasing conversions. This is a fantastic service, free of charge to all Adobe customers, easily integrated onto your eCommerce site to provide you with the best tools for increasing your revenue and improving the user experience.

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Olivia Ball

Content Marketing Executive