LinkedIn has announced that it will be discontinuing lookalike audiences on February 29, prompting advertisers to reevaluate their targeting strategies. This shift will impact the creation and editing of lookalike audiences, requiring a proactive approach before the March deadline.

Understanding Lookalike Audiences

For those unfamiliar, lookalike audiences on LinkedIn have been a valuable tool for advertisers. They allow ads to reach new individuals who share characteristics with existing customers, increasing the likelihood of engagement.

Take Action Before March

Advertisers are urged to take action before March, exploring alternative options to connect with similar audiences. LinkedIn recommends considering the following alternatives:

  • Predictive Audiences: Utilise contact list, conversion, or Lead Gen Form data sources for effective targeting.
  • Audience Expansion: Leverage Matched Audiences and LinkedIn attribute targeting based on skills or interests.

Implications for Existing Campaigns

For those with existing ad campaigns using lookalike audiences on LinkedIn, a strategic shift is necessary. Transition to predictive audiences or activate audience expansion to maintain a dynamic targeting strategy. LinkedIn is offering a 30-day grace period during which unused lookalike audiences can still be accessed before being archived.

Third-Party Integration Changes

Marketers relying on third-party marketing platforms like HubSpot to create lookalike audiences through LinkedIn’s API should take note. The API for this functionality will no longer be available, necessitating the exploration of alternative options for building audiences.

In conclusion, the impending changes to LinkedIn’s audience targeting demand swift action from advertisers. By understanding the alternatives and implications for existing campaigns, marketers can adapt to the evolving landscape and continue effectively reaching their target audiences.

Annie Wells

Senior Paid Media Executive

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