Google has been planning for years to scrap cookies - the files that track us when we browse the Internet, however, the giant tech company once again says it will delay the replacement of third-party cookies until 2024.

Google said last year that it will officially end the support for third-party cookies in early 2022. At that point, advertisers will no longer be able to place cookies and track any Chrome users.

By postponing the sunsetting of third-party cookies on Chrome, the digital advertising industry and developers are allowed more time to innovate for more privacy-conscious targeted ads and anti-tracking digital ecosystem. This second delay also comes as ad and e-commerce companies are taking a hit from privacy changes by Apple iOS 16’s privacy updates, which prevents advertisers from accessing iPhone users’ information and identifiers.

Chrome plans to extend the testing timelines for its Privacy Sandbox APIs ahead of the cancellation of cookies. Based on user feedback via expanded trials this year and into 2023, Google will iterate further with the goal of launching long-term privacy-centric solutions in the near future.

In conclusion, Google’s move gives a reprieve to advertisers who rely on the technology to target ads online as the plan to kill cookies won’t come until the second half of 2024. Without Chrome-based third-party cookie data in the future, you’ll still be able to leverage and target Google Ads that will be powered by Google Chrome’s first-party cookies and the Privacy Sandbox tools.

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