Google has recently introduced saved comparisons to streamline the process of comparing various user types visiting a website, with the goal of saving users time. While this functionality was previously found in Universal Analytics (UA), it is now also integrated into GA4, providing a time-saving advantage. This advancement is a positive sign, raising hopes for the potential reintroduction of annotations in the future.

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GA4 shows real-time users in the last 5 minutes

Google has recently upgraded its Google Analytics, GA4, real-time reports to display users within the last 5 minutes. Previously, the reports only showed users within the last 30 minutes. Now, users can view both the number of users in the last 5 minutes and the last 30 minutes. The previous Universal Analytics tool also provided real-time metrics based on the last 5 minutes, a feature that GA4 now offers as well. This update can prove to be particularly beneficial for site migrations.

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Sepideh Masihpour

Content Marketing Executive