Purchase on Amazon without leaving Facebook or Instagram

Meta has now integrated with Amazon to allow users to purchase with Amazon without leaving Facebook or Instagram.

This follows on from the closed loop shopping experience that Amazon implemented with Pinterest earlier this year.

When a user clicks on an Amazon ad in Instagram or Facebook, they will be able to make the purchase in-app, similar to the Shops experience or the more recently released TikTok Shop.

This feature is currently being rolled out in the US, and is likely to be available in Europe and the UK very soon.

Why Is This Significant For Both Advertisers and Meta Users?

More Personalised Ads - Your Meta account will be integrated with your Amazon account, which then allows for Amazon to feed information into Meta, who can then serve more relevant and personalised ads. For example, if you have an Amazon Prime subscription, your ads will reflect this in the shipping times shown.

Seamless Checkout - Users will be able to buy products within a couple of taps, without leaving either the Instagram or Facebook apps.

Higher Conversion Rates - The shopping experience is more seamless, since no re-directs occur, and users can go from seeing the ad to having purchased the product in 10-15 seconds, and as a result this will likely lead to higher conversion rates.

Large Revenue Opportunity For Sellers - This meta placement will now serve as an additional channel for Amazon sellers to advertise products, which sellers can leverage to increase their conversion volume.



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