Amazon Launches Generative AI Shopping Assistant

Compared to other tech giants, Amazon has so far been largely quiet on the AI front. However, as of January 2024 Amazon has now began testing and implementing a generative AI shopping assistant tool on its mobile app.

The “Looking for specific info?” section of a product detail page, which until now showed questions and answers from sellers or other customers, is now enhanced by AI. The large language model (LLM) utilises product details, item specifications, key product features and customer reviews to reply to customer queries with AI-generated answers.

For example, when viewing clothing, a customer could ask “Does it fit someone 6’7” tall?” and the reply will summarise information from the product’s details and customer reviews to answer this specific question. Amazon’s intention is to simplify the user experience by summarising reviews to show shoppers information they personally care about, rather than shoppers potentially having to read a large number of reviews to find out the answer to their query.

Jake Griffiths

Marketplaces Manager

The AI shopping assistant is restricted, as it currently will not compare products or offer alternatives. It also will not perform any actions, such as adding the item to a wish list or to the shoppers' basket. However, the tool will write a light-hearted joke about the product, if prompted!
This feature is not available for all users of the mobile app yet, as Amazon is still testing it before full release. This AI shopping assistant likely represents the first of experimental AI features to come to Amazon, which sellers will likely need to embrace over the coming months and years. It's likely that Amazon will begin to recommend products to shoppers through the use of AI, therefore it's vital that sellers ensure product details, features, and specifications of all product listings are optimised for Amazon's A10 algorithm to be ready for any potential future AI rollouts.

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