Additional Segmentation Added To Performance Max ‘Products’ Section

Google has recently introduced enhancements to the Performance Max product campaigns available within Google Ads, specifically incorporating brand and custom labels. This update empowers advertisers with a seamless and efficient method to categorise their products based on both brand and custom labels. The inclusion of these features not only streamlines the product segmentation process but also provides advertisers with more flexibility and precision in optimising their campaigns.

This latest feature introduced in Performance Max campaigns by Google now offers businesses a valuable tool for seamlessly identifying top-converting product categories and brands. This enables businesses to gain insightful analytics, allowing them to discern which categories or brands generate the highest conversions or yield the highest Return On Ad Spend (ROAS). With this data-driven approach, businesses can strategically build additional Performance Max campaigns or asset groups centred around these top-performing categories or brands. This not only optimises advertising budgets but also empowers businesses to tailor their messages more effectively. By focusing on the most successful segments, businesses can ensure that their marketing efforts are precisely targeted, reaching the desired audience with tailored messages and maximising the impact of their advertising endeavours.

Screenshot 2023-11-27 at 15.55.06.png

This strategic addition aligns with Google’s commitment to enhancing the user experience and empowering advertisers to create more targeted and effective advertising campaigns within the Google Ads platform.

Annie Wells

Senior Paid Media Executive

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