Growth? In this Economy? Surely it’s not possible …

It’s been a tough year for SME’s and the focus has shifted from growth to survival. But what if we told you now was the right time to invest in your brands growth through a series of low impact small changes.

Join Ayko as we speak to our partners at Shopify to discuss newly released platform features that will help boost conversion, and why utilising CRO now could be the right moment for a big pay off in 2023. Whether it’s driving uplift at checkout, or creating a consistent experience thought the site journey, Shopify has now made it even easier to implement small changes that could yield big results.

We’ll also discuss how Shopify Plus is enabling merchants to take even more control over their store following the Winter Editions announcements and how this can motivate all brands to make 2023 their most successful year to date.

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Shopify Editions 2023

Shopify Editions 2023

Shopify have just announced a host of features that will optimise the platform for the coming year, Conversion, Engageme...

2023-02-13 3 mins read