Creating immersive and custom-designed experiences for the user through loyalty and referral programs that are tailored to your brand is a fantastic way to enhance your user experience and ultimately grow your brand online. The world of customer reviews, loyalty schemes, SMS marketing, visual marketing, and referrals has hugely transformed, adding real value to your customer journey allowing you to acquire new customers and encourage repeat custom.

AYKO met with Yotpo for a lunch and learn session which was a fantastic opportunity for us to learn more about their interconnected platform delivering a seamless on-brand experience, by rethinking from the ground – up how exactly businesses can use a variety of techniques to make the biggest impact on sales and brand growth.

Customer Reviews

Did you know?

Companies that reward for leaving reviews generate 2x more reviews on average.

You can create engagement that is highly optimised for a better user experience, using reviews to build on your brand’s trust, authenticity, and credibility to positively impact your brand’s growth. Here you can utilize the power of AI technology using the data collected on your website to generate relevant topics for consumers to easily access and read to drive your conversion rate, through a specialist team of data scientists and technology, staying away from the cookie cutting approach.

Typically, this service enables the consumer to easily access information through genuine reviews to help answer any questions they may have about your product or brand before they make their purchasing decision. The aim here is to collect high-quality data at ease, ensuring a better ROI with higher quality reviews.


By integrating Yotpo’s platform with your online store you can collect 6x more high-quality reviews than the industry average. This is through review submission with in-mail technology, SMS review requests personalised through sending by time and device, smart reminders, and incentives to leave reviews, all with full customisation and branding leading to multiple product reviews. You can even curate visual content from Instagram, with 77% of consumers explaining that authentic product photos and reviews affect their purchase decision than professional photos online.

Loyalty Schemes

Customer expectations have changed, with many expecting more back from a purchase, particularly as they start to become a loyal customer. Customers expect more personal, emotional brand connections, whilst considering the brands they purchase from a part of their own identity, expecting a two-way relationship with the brand. The time is now to expand on your loyalty scheme and reap the benefits of doing so. With the customer as the central focus of your new loyalty scheme, you can expect both repeat custom and new customers.

Using a loyalty focused comprehensive program specifically tailored to your brand you can create out of the box campaigns designed to drive high-value purchasing behaviour and engagement across your channels through providing loyal customers with value and a variety of ways to collect loyalty points. You can strengthen the relationship between brand and customer by creating VIP tiers, motivating your consumer to engage with your brand more to gain higher VIP status and rewards. Tiers can be based on spend, the number of purchases, referrals, and points earned.

Additionally, you can run campaigns to specific customer segments driving products forward in return for double loyalty points. These can be centred around annual events and holidays. Loyalty can be launched quickly through a rewards page builder, introducing fast loyalty without deterring from the level of customisation needed to drive strong engagement. You can measure the ROI easily through a performance dashboard allowing you to make amendments where necessary to continue to drive conversions.

Experiences can be created for your consumer based on their level of loyalty. For example, if one customer has referred 3 friends, belongs in the gold VIP tier, and purchases every month, you can place this customer in a tailored loyalty campaign designed to add value to their journey and encourage their repeat custom to continue.

SMS Marketing

Did you know?

*Review requests sent via SMS marketing convert at a 66% higher rate than email. *

The statistics stand high when looking into how long consumers spend on their mobile each day and we have some interesting stats to show you:

  • Consumers are on their phone on average 4 hours per day
  • Individuals check their phones on average 150x per day
  • SMS marketing returns a 99% open rate and a 35% click-through rate
  • SMS marketing can have an exponential ROI upwards of 25%
  • 81% of all traffic on Shopify stores in the last quarter came from mobile

You can quickly create industry-leading SMS flows that target your consumers perfectly to encourage that all-important increase in conversions that are easily managed online, from both a privacy and customisation perspective.

All stats and information are taken from the AYKO – Yotpo lunch and learn presentation.

For more information on how we can help you integrate one or more of these solutions to support your business growth online, get in touch with us today.

Olivia Ball

Content Marketing Executive