Top 10 Shopify Apps To Watch Out For in 2023

With over 7000 apps on the Shopify Store (around 3000 of which have been added since 2019), it can be increasingly difficult for merchants to sift through the myriad options available and find the apps that will help their online stores to grow. As companies fiercely contest the key battle for repeat customers, it is likely that the key to Shopify success in 2023 will lie with subscription apps. Accordingly, here at AYKO our Shopify experts have got their heads together and prepared this helpful guide on our Top 10 Shopify Apps To Watch Out For in 2023, with a particular focus on subscription apps, for businesses of all sizes and budgets…


Cost: Free (1% charge & 10% per transaction) - $499 per month (Pro edition)

Created in 2014, Recharge integrates seamlessly into your Shopify store, creating a platform for subscription based services. The Pro edition of the tool features enhanced analytics, custom domains and a number of key integrations with platforms such as Klaviyo, Gorgias, Avalara, Churn Buster and LoyaltyLion. It is the top choice for many of Shopify’s leading brands.


Cost: Free - $19 per month (Growth edition) - $59 per month (Prime edition) - $199 per month (Powerhouse edition) - Unlimited (Enterprise edition)

Yotpo is designed to simplify the world of subscriptions, with a native checkout experience and smooth catalogue management, Yotpo boasts strong analytics and powerful integrations, Available at a wide range of price points that suit businesses of all sizes and budgets.


Cost: $49.99 per month + 1% of all fees (Core edition)

Sold at one, all-encompassing price point, Bold’s subscription experience focuses on strong aesthetic performance with auto-installation of themes that make subscription pages and customer portals 100% customisable. Including a range of powerful APIs and dev tools, Bold is aimed at helping you retain subscribers.


Cost: $499 per month (Core edition)

With a decade of experience and innovation, Ordergroove are a proven partner for subscriptions. With the Core package priced at $499 per month, Ordergroove is only available for Shopify Plus customers and suits larger merchants who tend to rely on their experience for high growth. Featuring a number of powerful integrations including with Yotpo, Klaviyo, Churn Buster, and more.


Cost: Free - $99 per month (Growth edition) - $399 per month (Enterprise edition)

Loop helps Shopify brands improve their returns experience. Loop’s automated platform drives customer lifetime value and saves more sales by creating a shopping experience inside the returns experience. Loop has automated more than 22 million returns and retained more than $700 million in revenue for Shopify’s most- loved brands including Allbirds, Princess Polly, and Marine Layer.


Cost: Free

Recurpay boasts multi-currency transactions meaning your targeted marketing is not limited to one country. It also allows customers to edit, skip, reschedule & cancel subscriptions from order history, or renew all their existing subscriptions on a specific date. The app also features key integrations with platforms such as Strip Subscription and PayPal subscription,


Cost: Free - $10 per month (Starter edition) - $30 per month (Business edition) - $100 per month (Business Premium edition)

A solid solution that allows the merchant functionality that will suit all with a multi-tiered subscription model. This includes offering tiered discounts, custom shipping, gifts and other dedicated loyalty features. Designed for maximising ROI with upselling, bundling and bulk automation and boasting a number of really useful integrations.


Cost: $99 per month (Launch edition) - $299 per month (Grow edition) - $499 per month (Excel edition)

Smartrr’s solution is optimised For LTV with the market-leading customer account portal. Priced between $99-$499, mid to large size businesses have found success implementing Smartrr into their sites. Boasting great-out-of-the-box features, numerous integrations and personalised customer experiences with Smartrr’s Bundle Bulder, Smartrr is a strong choice.


Cost: Free + 2% transaction free - $49 per month + 1% transaction fee (Pro edition)

Offering a two-tier free and paid subscription, Subify is an easy-to-use app that allows merchants to quickly setup subscription solutions with its auto-adding widget, which can be embedded directly into Shopify’s admin. Also including integrations with platforms such as Stripe and PayPal, Subify is a great choice for merchants looking for a solid solution with a large investment outlay.


Cost: Free - $4.95 per month (Supersale edition) - $7.95 per month (Rising Star edition) - $20 per month (Legend edition)

With no transaction fees, Seal is an appealing choice for merchants looking at their bottom line. It gives you full control over your subscribers, products, discounts, churn rate, and cancellations. Boasting easy configuration of subscription products and services, Seal has a dedicated support team and integrations with platforms such as Klaviyo, Google Analytics and Bundler.

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