The latest update for the Magento 2.4.3 Q3 release is here. With an abundance of new features, we are excited to share the improvements and qualities of the new release package. Introducing their Adobe Sensei technology for AI Live Search, heightened security, and improvements to wish lists for PWA merchants, all Adobe Commerce online stores will benefit from the update.

Enhanced Security

With 33 security resolutions and additional security improvements across the platform, the 2.4.3 release provides important changes to all Adobe Commerce storefronts this quarter.

Additionally, the 2.4.3 update will include updates for all storefronts using the Progressive Web Apps studio including an updated Security Scan Tool to allow merchants to monitor security risks including unauthorised access and any risk of malware to their online store.

The new tools provided will provide insights rapidly against 21,000 threat signatures with an additional 550 new signatures each month, identifying:

  • Digital Skimming Injections
  • Vulnerable Extensions
  • Malware
  • Vulnerabilities
  • Out-of-date Security
  • Security Misconfigurations

A.I Live Search

Live Search combines the power of Adobe Sensei AI with real-time data to return personalised results. Conversion rates for customers who use site search are typically 50% higher, with 84% of customers wanting to use site search to solve their needs. This is a fundamental tool for all eCommerce stores to capitalise on.

Using the power of A.I, Live Search is built to provide a seamless experience, using a catalogue of data, your customer will receive a relevant choice of products based on the data collected surrounding their current shopper queries and searches online. This is done in real-time, quickly filtering the best products for your customer through a detailed merchant experience, embedded in your Adobe Commerce site, to help increase your conversion rates.

The 2.4.3 update includes:

Synonyms: Merchants are now able to identify both one-way and two-way synonyms. For example, the brand can utilise the management tool provided to define what clothing falls into specific categories. For one-way synonyms, you may define ‘men’s shoes’ to include only male-orientated trainers, smart shoes, casual shoes, and flip flops. For two-way synonyms, you may include a wider range of products to fall under the ‘men’s shoes’ categories such as socks and sole inserts.

Rules: Merchants can now create rules that alter how items appear in the search results, allowing you to have more control over the purchasing journey to align the search results with your goals as a business. A merchant can now push products forward that have been identified as needing a boost in sale volume.

Intelligent Faceting: Using Adobe Sensei, each search on your eCommerce store will be picked, ordered, and filtered, allowing the consumer to cultivate their results easily, taking them to exactly what they are looking for, and very easily.

Progressive Web App Studio Updates

For PWA merchants, the 2.4.3 update is increasing its offering in terms of the wish list function for consumers. With the ability to save a product directly from the category page or cart, this makes for a much easier purchasing journey. Additionally, consumers can add products directly to their cart from their wish list, encouraging conversions and a better user experience.

It’s time to update your eCommerce store to remain up to date with the latest improvements and security fixes to ensure you stay secure.

Get in touch with us today to discuss upgrading to Magento 2.4.2 with our certified Magento developers and start seeing the benefits from this latest release.

Olivia Ball

Content Marketing Executive