A Quick Guide to Google’s August 2022 Update

With the full implementation of Google’s latest ‘helpful content update’ now coming into effect we have prepared a quick-fire guide on what the update is and how you can respond to it from an SEO perspective…

As a search engine, Google has a set of core objectives, chief amongst which is the goal to deliver the most relevant and reliable information available. This objective is the key driving force behind the August content update which Google says will help to “better surface original, helpful content made by people” and is part of a “broad effort” to show more unique search results. Therefore, whilst this update is nothing new from Google it is helpful because it’s a reaffirmation of best SEO practices.

The practical application of this will see the following changes arise as a result of the update:

  • People-first content will be prioritised.
  • Websites with high topical authority will be more successful.

How should you respond to the content update?

Both before and after the update you should be creating people-first content - if you’re doing this already then great! However, if you aren’t then Google offers advice on creating this sort of content which is twofold.

Firstly, Google wants you to know your audience inside-out and for this to be reflected in your content. Ask yourself if your content is optimised to your targeted audience, be as specific as possible, and make your content as interesting and informative as possible to those people.
Secondly, your content needs to demonstrate your authority and experience on a particular topic. If industry experts could view your content and be informed by it then you’re demonstrating your authority really effectively to Google. Instead of taking a scattergun or broader approach, laser focus on your topic and consider the best way you can communicate it to your specific audience.

Immediate changes you can make today to rank higher is to begin to produce these people-focused pieces of content and place them on your site as soon as possible, while longer-term changes should see the removal of spammy and irrelevant content from your site. However, while the benefits of people-first content should be seen fairly quickly, the results of removing spammy content may take longer to come to fruition as the Google rankings gradually adapt to the new update.

Ultimately, if there are two quick takeaways from the new update it’s that your content should be targeted and topical.

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Eliot Thomas

Digital Marketing Executive