Eliot’s experience with our AYKO Digital Marketing Grad Scheme

Everyone here at AYKO would like to wish Eliot many congratulations upon his completion of our Digital Marketing graduate scheme!

At AYKO we are proud to offer a variety of full 6-month internal graduate schemes, designed to develop the necessary skills, experience and knowledge needed to enable the next generation of digital talent. Our digital marketing scheme provides a holistic education for our graduates, encompassing all areas of the marketing mix including SEO, PPC, Outreach, Technical & more.

Marketing Director Chris said of the scheme “We are immensely proud of our graduate programme which I believe serves as an unparalleled foundation for a successful career in digital marketing. AYKO is always on the lookout for hard-working and talented people, irrespective of age, and it’s an approach that is serving us well. I congratulate Eliot on the completion of his programme, and I hope to congratulate many more successful graduates in the months & years ahead.”

A little about Eliot before we dive right into his experience on the scheme:

“I originally hail from Banbury in North Oxfordshire and moved to Yorkshire in 2018 to study International History & Politics at the University of Leeds. Following graduation, I worked for the Carlsberg Marstons Beer Company for around 10 months selling alcohol & soft drinks to pubs and clubs across the country. Marketing was always a potential career I was aware of because my Mum’s worked in the industry for many years - naturally, she’s miles better than me at it!”

Was the scheme structured in a way that helped you to learn a variety of subjects, skills and knowledge?

“The scheme has been cultivated in a really intuitive way that allows you to feel as though you’re constantly making progress, but is never overwhelming. One hour you may be working on something related to PPC, the next SEO, the next a technical task - it really is that varied! There is a strong emphasis on personal improvement at AYKO, and as a graduate you’re presented with a roadmap for your development to ensure nothing is lost in the hubbub of everyday office life.”

Has learning / experiencing the world of Digital Marketing within an Agency setting something that you enjoyed?

“The dynamism and energy of agency life is something I’ve found really intoxicating throughout my experience on the scheme over the past 6 months. Every single day presents different challenges and opportunities, and that diversity is hugely exciting. Moreover, the variety and breadth of clients we work for is also something really enjoyable; it is impossible not to be enthused by the work you’re doing for someone when they’re so passionate and knowledgeable about their respective industry.”

Do you feel better prepared for a career in Marketing now?

“Yes! Prior to my starting at AYKO I had no formal experience in the world of marketing, least of all digital marketing. I’ve found the rate of my progression throughout the scheme both incredibly satisfying and also surprising if I’m being honest! That is the genius of the scheme though, it’s set up in such a way that maximises your potential for development.”

How did the scheme differ from your expectations before you started?

“Prior to starting I thought it would be a long time before I saw any real client work, I thought the scheme would have me doing grunt work and training for at least the first 6 months. However, I couldn’t have been more wrong as supervised client work was integrated as part of the scheme from Day 1!”

Did you feel supported throughout the scheme and how did people support you?

“Since joining AYKO I have been fortunate to work alongside a team of incredibly welcoming and talented people with a seemingly limitless capacity for patience and understanding in the face of my inexperience. I’ve never been made to feel as though I was a nuisance (although I’m sure oftentimes I was) by anyone in the company from top to bottom.

In particular I’d like to thank Chris, Alex, Dan & Lucy who shouldered the responsibility for the bulk of my development day in, day out.”

Do you feel like you can now achieve your ambitions with AYKO now that you will have set your short, medium and long term goals within the team and company?

“I am confident I can achieve my short, medium and long term goals at the business because we are a company of talented people, all pulling in the same direction. I feel fully supported by the management at AYKO and I know clearly what I need to do to achieve my ambitions. It is a pleasure to work for a company each day that is imbued with such a sense of energy and optimism.”

Eliot Thomas

Digital Marketing Executive

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