Donating Blood in Times of Crisis - How to Help

The NHS has announced an amber alert over donor blood stocks and we are asking for the help of our team and our connections to please support and donate if you are able to. Blood donations are always needed, but a blood shortage means that there is a severely limited store. If left unresolved, then hospitals will be limited in their ability to support patients.

Here at AYKO we understand the importance of giving back, and are proud to be supporters for a number of charities, including Leeds Children’s Charity and Martin House, Children’s Hospice - charities close to our team’s hearts.

This cause is just as personal for us, our Finance Manager, Jenny has relied on blood donations to save the life of one of her twins. Please see below to hear Jenny’s story and why we are asking for your support and to please donate blood if you are able to and comfortable to do so.

“My twins were born at 30 weeks due to developing twin to twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS). This meant that Jonas’ blood was transferred over to Leon via their shared placenta. As a result, shortly after birth, Jonas required a blood transfusion which saved his life.

The instant improvement in his condition was remarkable. Without the blood transfusion and availability of blood received via donations, Jonas wouldn’t be here today.

While we were in the NICU, I witnessed a number of babies having life saving transfusions, so when I heard that there was a shortage in blood supply, I wanted to do all I can to help.”

Jenny is not alone in her appreciation for the generosity of blood donors, as there are approximately 2.5 million units of blood transfused in the UK each year providing life-saving treatment. O blood groups are in particular need, but all blood types are essential to save lives, so please help if you can.

Who can give blood?

Please see below to find out if you are eligible.

How to register if you are eligible

Emma Harvey

HR & Executive Assistant