Dan’s experience on the AYKO Graduate Backend Developer Scheme

A huge congratulations are in order for Dan for successfully completing our Backend PHP Developer grad-scheme!

AYKO are proud to provide a full 6-month programme, designed purely to build up the necessary skills, experience and knowledge to get ambitious graduates’ feet firmly on the career ladder and help to grow their overall confidence! The programme enables all graduates to develop an excellent base of technical knowledge and professional experience needed through an enriching mix of theory, technical and presentation skills.

Dan, from Cádiz, Spain works for AYKO remotely and joined the team in 2022. Prior to working with AYKO, he studied Web Development and has spent time working as a web developer in small companies.

My Learning Experiences

Was the course structured in a way that helped you to learn what can be some pretty complicated subjects?

“Yes, for sure, since the course guided me from the basics to more complicated subjects, it allowed me to develop solid bases for each topic.”

Is learning Magento within an Agency setting something that you enjoyed?

“Learning Magento within an Agency setting has been something really positive, having professionals available to help along the whole process really enhances the learning and good practices.”

Do you feel better prepared for Magento development now?

“I feel better prepared for Magento development now, even if I had previous knowledge about similar programming experiences, Magento is quite unique in some aspects and the course has really helped me to understand its structure and the proper way of developing features on it.”

How did the course differ from your expectations before you started?

“My expectations on the course were already high, as being offered to learn from it so quickly after joining the company is something that at least from where I’m from is quite rare, if not impossible to find. After finishing the course I can confirm that my expectations were met successfully.”

Did you feel supported throughout the course and how did people support you?

“I felt supported throughout the course by all the members of the team since they were always happy to help when I needed it, either via message, meet calls and shadowing sessions.”

Do you feel like you can now achieve your ambitions with AYKO now that you will have your short, medium and long-term goals within the team and company?

“Yes, I feel way more prepared and willing to progress through a strong career in development since joining AYKO!”

Eliot Thomas

Digital Marketing Executive

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