Amazon research shows a multi-solution strategy by investing in Sponsored Products ads, Sponsored Brands ads and Sponsored Display ads simultaneously results in up to +15% year-over-year (YoY) sales at a better ROAS compared to those just using Sponsored Products.

We can set-up, optimise, manage, and report on all of these Amazon campaign types and overall advertising performance.

Sponsored Products (Automatic)

We can setup automatic campaigns which utilise Amazon's rich consumer data to get results quickly and harvest keywords for manual keyword campaigns. We can also review match type bids and add negative keywords to maximise ROAS.

Sponsored Products (Manual)

We can conduct extensive keyword research to setup manual keyword campaigns which utilise high-converting keywords, add negative keywords, and regularly optimise keyword bids in order to maximise ROAS. We can also conduct research into your both competitor and complementary ASINs and then set up product matching campaigns, and regularly optimise product target bids to similarily maximise ROAS.

Sponsored Brands

We can setup ads that feature a clickable brand logo, custom headlines, videos, images, and multiple products to drive discoverability and help you grow your brand awareness on Amazon.

Sponsored Display

We can setup ads which meet customers as they stream, shop, browse or game by being present across a wide array of channels such as product detail pages, owned and operated sites like Twitch and IMDb, and third-party destinations. These ads appear on and off Amazon, which drives product visibility and sales growth.

Amazon Advertising is also available in Global Marketplaces. We can set up advertising campaigns using keywords from respective local languages to fully optimise international campaigns.

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