Magento Business Intelligence

Do I need Magento Business Intelligence?

Magento Business Intelligence, widely known as Magento BI, is a fully managed data warehousing, replication, consolidation and dashboarding product. Included within Magento Commerce Cloud or available as a monthly subscription for Magento Commerce and Magento Open Source on-premise installations.

Magento BI uses predefined dashboards to give quick access to real-time intelligence into customers, orders and inventory. Merchants can use the simple and intuitive interface to create, share and automate sending of custom dashboards and reports; empowering teams to make better informed data-driven decisions.

Sitting independently from a merchant’s Magento store, Magento BI removes the burden of heavy querying which data analysis often puts on a production environment. While its ability to integrate with other systems like Google Analytics enables merchants to build a more unified and realistic picture of traffic and sales.

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Magento BI provides merchants with the valuable insights and tools needed to drive their business forward.

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