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Penn Elcom see a 109% rise is Ad Sales revenue from their Amazon Advertising Restructure.

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London, UK

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The Client

Penn Elcom is the world's leading manufacturer of quality flight cases, speaker cabinet hardware and 19 inch racking solutions. Penn Elcom operates on Amazon in the UK, EU and North America.

The Brief

Penn Elcom’s Amazon sales had stagnated over time, particularly in the UK, due to very minimal historical advertising investment on Amazon. As a result, AYKO and Penn Elcom collaborated on an ambitious growth strategy centred on launching paid Amazon PPC campaigns to drive both ad revenue and overall revenue growth on Amazon.

The Solution

We conducted keyword research and developed Amazon PPC campaigns following industry best practices to help scale and expand Penn Elcom's presence on Amazon. This approach led to heightened impressions, clicks, and conversions. By leveraging historical search term data and thorough keyword analysis, we established several Sponsored Products Keyword targeting campaigns, predominantly allocating spend to Exact and Phrase match types to effectively bid on key search terms with high conversion rates for Penn Elcom.

We implemented Sponsored Products Product Match campaigns to target competitors' ASINs, showcasing Penn Elcom's products as related sponsored items. This strategy aimed to divert sales from competitors' ASINs to Penn Elcom's products.

Additionally, we fine-tuned the Placement bid multipliers, like Top of Search, to ensure that Penn Elcom's products consistently appeared among the top 2-4 results for key search terms on Amazon, as this prime placement is where most Amazon shoppers make their purchases. Sponsored Products campaigns with Automatic targeting were established to explore long-tail keywords with lower CPC’s, the converting search terms from these campaigns were then incorporated as Exact matches in the manual keyword campaigns.

Furthermore, Sponsored Brands Campaigns were effectively utilised for Penn Elcom's DoorJammer sub-brand to secure top of search placement. The creative content showcased the product's use in locking internal doors, enhancing visibility, consideration, clicks, and ultimately conversions. Sponsored Display campaigns were also set up to retarget Amazon shoppers who had viewed Penn Elcom's products recently, but not yet purchased.

As a result, Penn Elcom experienced a 109% increase in monthly Amazon ad sales revenue.


Increase In Ad Aales


Reduction In CPC


Increase In Impressions


Increase In Clicks

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