Google has added a new tool under the Google Ads’ Bulk Actions. This tool provides users with several pre-generated templates, based on the old Google Ad Scripts, that aim to streamline campaign management and enhance performance analysis.

These templates are customisable, allowing users to tailor the parameters to their specific account nuances.

What is available

Currently, the tool offers 6 different in-built scripts:

  • Account Summary: This generates a comprehensive performance report based on yesterday’s performance and emails it over to specified email addresses. It is recommended to schedule the solution daily, at 3.00 am or later to guarantee accuracy, since Google Ads statistics may be up to three hours delayed.

  • Ad Performance: This generates a Google Sheet with charts and graphs, allowing users to analyse ad performance. Important to note that this solution uses numbers from the previous week and is best to schedule for Monday morning.

  • Anomaly Detection: Sends out an email alert when account performance significantly deviates from the set parameters. Users can set thresholds for clicks, cost, impressions and conversions and specify the lookback window in weeks. It’s best to schedule this to run hourly to allow it to check for anomalies as frequently as possible.

  • Link Checker: This solution checks the status of all page URLs within the account - those in ads, those set against keywords and sitelinks. By default, the script ignores paused ads, keywords and sitelinks, but this can be changed. It can be scheduled to run hourly and send an email every time or only when it detects broken links.

  • Flexible Budgets: Upon specifying the campaign name, the date range and the total budget for that range, this script will allocate the budget daily (if scheduled)

  • Common Negative List: This creates a shared negative list then applies that to campaigns in the account. Users can set a label if they wish to only apply the list to select campaigns. An email is also sent out, summarising the completed actions. Ideally, this should be scheduled to run daily or hourly.


Main Benefits to Advertisers

The obvious benefit of using these Solutions that Google highlights is allowing advertisers to save time and effort on top-level campaign management, allowing for more time to be given to wider account strategy considerations.
Utilising the Google Ads API, Solutions retrieves data straight from users’ Google Ads accounts, guaranteeing the accuracy and currency of reports.

Alison Jurjeva

Senior Paid Media Manager

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