From the initial stages of designing ad creative to the fine-tuning process for optimal performance, Canva now offers a seamless ad creation experience. Users can effortlessly navigate through the ad creation journey, utilising an array of ready-made templates and receiving personalised suggestions from Canva’s partner apps. This streamlined process culminates in the ability to publish directly to major platforms such as Google, Meta, and Amazon, ensuring a smooth and efficient advertising campaign launch

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Amazon Ads/Canva Connector Beta

Effortlessly merge the power of Canva with an Amazon Ads creative library, facilitating the smooth import and export of branded content. This integration boasts a pre-moderation feature designed to guarantee that all creations align with Amazon’s stringent standards. Presently it is available as an exclusive invite-only beta program, this innovative tool promises to revolutionise the way brands engage with Amazon Ads.

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Sepideh Masihpour

Content Marketing Executive