Brands Who Dominated Amazon’s Black Friday Week

Black Friday on Amazon on Amazon was not just a single day of deals and promotions, but an entire 10 day promotion period for brands to manage. Amazon kicked off Black Friday Week a week early just past midnight on Friday 17th November with new deals going live every day until midnight on Cyber Monday (27th November).

With tens of thousands of deals for shoppers to wade through across Amazon’s entire catalogue of categories, more than a simple discount was required to stand out, these are brands which dominated the Black Friday week event on Amazon in the UK in 2023.


Ninja discounted their most popular product, the Foodi Dual Zone Air Fryer MAX, by 33% and well-ahead of Black Friday. The offer went live on Amazon on Tuesday 21st November, 3 days ahead of Black Friday.

Often brands retain regular prices for their best sellers, and discount products which they need to clear excess stock of, however Ninja discounting their best-selling product by £70 led to a frenzy of media coverage around the deal, which then created an urgency for shoppers to purchase the air fryer before they ran out of stock.

Furthermore, Ninja created a Black Friday deals page on their Amazon Storefront, so shoppers could browse over 35 Black Friday deals on air fryers, grills, accessories and more. This likely led to an increase in the average order value, as shoppers will have combined their air fryer purchase with relevant accessories to use with it. This resulted in Ninja’s Foodi Dual Air Fryer being the #1 Best Seller in the Home & Kitchen Category and Ninja’s Zero-Stick Frying Pan also being at #7.

By leading with a substantial discount on an already popular product ahead of Black Friday, and also creating a deals page for shoppers to explore more products by Ninja, it allowed Ninja to dominate the media coverage around the best deals on the days leading up to Black Friday and allowed them to capture sales from shoppers before their competitors deals went live.

Amazon (Own Branded Products)

Amazon now have an extensive range of own brand products which they have launched to compete with traditional manufacturers, with these of course being exclusively sold on Amazon. Amazon utilised their Black Friday Week to significantly raise brand awareness around the products they now offer and to increase Prime memberships, which may result in more shoppers considering Amazon branded products going forwards.

Amazon’s 55-inch Fire TV was discounted by £400 in an invite-only Prime members deal, designed to entice shoppers into signing up for an Amazon Prime membership in order to be eligible to receive the offer. Therefore, Amazon’s best deals were setup to capture not only sales but to establish loyal, repeat customers who will use their Prime membership to make further purchases across the Amazon platform.

Similarly, Amazon offered a 60% off their Echo Pop Smart Speaker and 44% off their latest Fire TV Stick therefore establishing some of the very best Black Friday Week deals themselves across their own branded products.

Amazon running such large discounts on their own range of products sets the precedent for other brands selling on Amazon and also initially draws shoppers to Amazon who then explore further for deals on other products. As a result, Amazon themselves were a great facilitator of the Black Friday Week on Amazon as they kickstarted demand and increased Prime membership subscriptions, which helped lead to great results for both Amazon and other brands.


Ring have been Amazon owned since 2018, and offered similarly large discounts, along with a dedicated deal section on their brand storefront. Since Ring is not exclusively sold on Amazon, offering savings such as 50% off the latest model of Ring’s Video Doorbell which can then be bundled with an Echo Show 5 Smart Speaker for only £35 extra (saving shoppers £10) allows for increased cross-selling and higher average order values.


Crocs have been making a resurgence in recent years, and Crocs successfully leveraged Amazon’s Black Friday Week and as a result their products achieved both the #1 and #2 Best Seller spots across the entire Fashion category.

Crocs achieved this by running promotions of between 40-50% off almost all their ranges of footwear, with plenty of sizes and colours available for customers to choose from.

Crocs products are setup in variations with Crocs’ classic Unisex Lined Clog having 37 colour options and 55 size options. Due to variations sharing reviews, and sales rankings, this allowed Crocs’ Black Friday sales to snowball and quickly push them up the Best Seller Rankings, which then allows more customers browsing the top deals to find them, and for more sales to be made. As a result, Crocs success is largely down to their listing structure, as if they listed each colour of Croc individually then its unlikely any of these colours individually could’ve reached #1 Best Seller in Fashion.

Crocs also optimised their brand storefront to not only showcase their Black Friday Week deals, but also to allow customers to refine these by age and gender. Crocs recognised that for shoppers there is often an information overload for shoppers looking to find the best deal for what they want, and allowed shoppers to find relevant deals much more easily.

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