Amazon Ads Is Now The Fastest Growing Advertising Platform

In the dynamic landscape of 2023, Amazon’s advertising arm has unquestionably emerged as the year’s standout success story in terms of growth. Amazon Ads’ grew by 22% year on year, compared to 12% and 3.2% year on year growth for Meta and Google, respectively. As a result, Amazon ads is now the advertising platform experiencing the most rapid growth.

While Google and Meta are still the giants of brand awareness and expansive reach, the tide is turning in favour of Amazon. Amazon has strategically diversified its offerings, such as rolling out integrations with Meta so that users can purchase from Amazon from within both the Facebook and Instagram mobile apps, without being re-directed to an external webpage.

Amazon is now the biggest advertising video streaming platform in the world, as a result of expanding their influence with Twitch. Similarly, advertisements are now coming to Prime Video from February so further video streaming advertisement growth is anticipated for 2024.

Amazon Ads’ meteoric growth demonstrates that in the near future it will soon be able to rival the likes of Google and Meta, making Amazon ads a key tool in any brands marketing mix for 2024.

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Jake Griffiths

Marketplaces Manager

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